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Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black
Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black

Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z (61-105 cm) Space Black

The DUALFIX 5Z, made in Germany, is the most flexible option for your child - growing along from 3 months to 4 years (105 cm).
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Products description

Dualfix 5Z - flexibility and security from every angle
Ready for the next step? The DUALFIX 5Z is the perfect follow-on seat for use after the BABY-SAFE 5Z or another infant car seat. It simply clicks onto the FLEX BASE 5Z (sold separately), providing excellent protection and comfort on every ride, up to the age of four. Thanks to the 360 degree swivel function, the seat can be used backwards and forwards and it is also easy to get in and out of tight parking spaces.

• Comfort rear and forward facing up to 4 years
• 360 degree swivel function makes it easier to get your child in and out
• All-round protection thanks to excellent side impact protection
• Modular comfort - easy entry and full flexibility thanks to the 360 degree rotation function of the FLEX BASE 5Z (sold separately)

Long-lasting comfort for you and your child
Children grow quickly - but you can still use the child seat even if your child has already outgrown their clothes. After changing from the baby seat to the next seat, your child is safely and comfortably protected in the vehicle with the DUALFIX 5Z from the age of 3 months to 4 years. The seat has 12 recline positions and a V-shaped headrest that provides protection and space as your child grows. This allows it to rest or explore in a more upright position. The seat can also be rotated effortlessly from any position, so you don't have to disturb your child.

All-round protection - without compromise
With the DUALFIX 5Z, safety becomes the top priority. Since the seat exceeds the demanding requirements of the current standard (UN R129), your child is protected in all conceivable situations on every journey. The DUALFIX 5Z offers an excellent side impact protection system that ensures increased safety in side collisions. It also has an innovative support leg and a stable support bracket that protects your child perfectly. So you can start every family adventure with peace of mind.

Quality and technology - Made in Germany
With us, the safety of your child is in the best hands. Our entire development process is under one roof, from the initial idea to the finished product, so you invest in the highest quality and low transport emissions. Thanks to our state-of-the-art test procedures, which are stricter than required by law, you can rely on the DUALFIX 5Z when it comes to safety.

Features at a glance
Effortless buckle up: Thanks to the 360 degree rotation function, getting in and out of the DUALFIX 5Z is easy, regardless of the position.
Adjustable support bar: The support bar not only helps to ensure that the child seat does not tip over in the event of an accident, but can also be adjusted by a full 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the support bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat, giving your child 10% more legroom.
Excellent side impact protection: The integrated side impact protection technology SICT inside absorbs the forces generated in a side impact and directs them away from your child - for optimal protection.
Individual ISOFIX arms: The FLEX BASE 5Z's ISOFIX connectors, which can be installed independently of each other, allow for effortless installation. This makes installation child's play, even if it has to be done quickly.
More rear-facing for your child: Ensure the best protection for your child in the event of a frontal collision: With the DUALFIX 5Z, your child can drive rear-facing for longer and is also protected against injuries.
Multiple adjustable resting positions: Make sure that your offspring is comfortable and in a good mood in the child seat, so that you too can enjoy the journey relaxed and stress-free. The DUALFIX 5Z has 6 forward-facing and 6 rear-facing positions that are easily adjustable.
Deep, protective side bolsters: The soft, padded side bolsters of the DUALFIX 5Z act like a protective cocoon that absorbs the force of a side impact. So that the risk of injury to your child is as low as possible.
Comfortable and protective headrest: Provide optimal protection in the event of a side impact: the V-shaped headrest was specially developed to ensure that the movement of a child's sensitive head remains controlled in the event of a side impact. It also offers enough space while growing up.
Soft special shoulder pads: The soft special shoulder pads of the DUALFIX 5Z offer even more comfort for the 5-point harness and reduce your child's movements in the event of an impact.
Extra safe 5-point belt system: The 5-point belt system protects your child in the event of a collision by distributing the force of the impact over several points.
Easily removable and washable cover: The machine-washable cover can be easily removed from the child seat without having to remove the belt. So you can quickly continue your journey.

Product Details
• 61 – 105 cm (˜ 3 months – 4 years | 19 kg)
• Weight: 5.2kg
• Height: 60 cm
• Width: 44 cm
• Depth: 74 cm
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 60 x 44 x 74 cm

Scope of delivery
• Dualfix 5Z

Are you unsure whether the seat is suitable for your child or do you have further questions? Our trained staff will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding this matter. You can also have the seat installed in your vehicle for testing purposes. Of course, it is also possible for your child to test the seat. Just make an appointment for an on-site consultation: : Appointment booking


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Weight: 8,00 kg
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