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Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3
Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3

Britax Römer Kidfix² S Blue Marble 15-36kg / group 2-3

Made in Germany - stylish and comfortable child seat of group 2/3.
Britax Römer
Product no.: 230954
GTIN/EAN: 4000984165999
Weight: 7,20 kg
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Products description

The award-winning KIDFIX family has been expanded: the 2-in-1 KIDFIX2 S child seat for children aged 3.5 to 12 joins the family.
Thanks to the V-shaped backrest with adjustable SICT, your child not only automatically has more room as it grows, but also benefits from excellent side impact protection. We recommend for your child to ride in a child seat with backrest for as long as possible. For more flexibility, however, the backrest can be removed if your child is taller than 135 cm. Both SecureGuard and the belt clip help to ensure optimum belt guidance.

Product Highlights

Always comfortable on the road
Simply comfortable - no matter at what age: The 2-in-1 seat KIDFIX2 S grows with your child - from approx. 3.5 to 12 years. Thanks to the V-shaped backrest, the child seat also offers a comfortable position for small children and sufficient space in the shoulder area as your child grows - automatically when you raise the headrest. In addition, you can completely remove the backrest if the child is taller than 135 cm. This not only makes the little ones more comfortable but also more flexible on the move.

Safety first
Always safe on the road: The high backrest of the KIDFIX2 S offers softly padded side bolsters and excellent side impact protection thanks to adjustable SICT. This provides the best protection for your child in the event of a side impact. At the same time, the SecureGuard helps to ensure that the lap belt is always optimally positioned and thus reduces the risk of injuries in the abdominal area of your child. In addition to the SecureGuard, the belt clip ensures that the diagonal vehicle belt is held in the correct position at shoulder level when used as a booster seat without backrest. This gives you complete peace of mind at the wheel.

Made in English
You can rely on it: All KIDFIX child seats are completely developed, designed and built in Germany. This allows them to undergo numerous test rounds on the in-house crash test facility and guarantees the highest possible quality. However, the KIDFIX seats are not only popular test objects internally - EuroNCAP has also included the seats of the KIDFIX product range among the most tested child seats. This means that they are regularly tested in the latest cars with the latest safety technologies - both with and without backrests - with excellent results. At Britax Römer, we follow the latest developments in the automotive industry closely, so we can adapt our products accordingly and make them even safer.

Product properties

Side Impact Protection - SICT
In the event of a side impact, our Side Impact Protection Technology (SICT) provides the best protection for your child. On the one hand, the forces to which your child is exposed in the event of a side impact are diverted away from him, and on the other hand they are attenuated before they reach your child. To ensure that your child is optimally protected, you should use SICT technology on the side facing the door.

SecureGuard helps protect your child's sensitive abdomen with an additional 4th attachment point on the 3-point adult car belt. By optimally positioning the pelvic belt over your child's pelvic bone, the SecureGuard reduces the forces exerted in a frontal impact by up to 35%* and at the same time gives your offspring sufficient freedom of movement while driving.
(*Internal Britax tests with a Q6 dummy that corresponds in height and weight to an average 6-year-old child)

Protection thanks to high backrest
Our child seats with backrest protect your child in three ways: the seat shell protects your child from head to hip, especially in the event of a side impact. At the same time, the upper and lower belt guides keep the vehicle belt in place and the padded headrest provides safety and comfort for your child's head and neck.

Easily adjustable V-shaped backrest
The V-shaped backrest has been specially designed to give your child more space on his back and shoulders as he grows. This ensures that your child is always optimally supported. In addition, the backrest of the child seat automatically adjusts to the angle of the car seat. So that it fits better and your child sits in a more comfortable position.

Easily adjustable, ergonomic headrest
Our headrest was specially developed for older children who are strapped to the child seat with the 3-point safety belt. The headrest can be easily adjusted with one hand to the correct position - directly over the child's shoulders - even when your child is sitting in the seat. And because the headrest is ergonomic, it supports the head of your child when it falls asleep in the care.

Removable cover
Sometimes things get pretty messy in the car. There's a drink spilling quickly or your child may get sick from driving. With wise foresight, we have developed a machine-washable seat cover that is easy to remove. So you can quickly get the seat clean again - and you're ready to go.

Removable backrest
A child seat with backrest is the safest option for your child. For this reason, we recommend that you transport your child in a child seat with backrest for as long as possible. For more flexibility, you can completely remove the backrest if your child is taller than 135 cm. Thanks to SecureGuard and belt clip, the vehicle belt is optimally positioned even without the backrest.


With belt and ISOFIX attachment
This child seat must be installed in your vehicle with the vehicle's 3-point harness and the ISOFIX anchorage points. This ensures that the child seat is securely fastened in the car - even if your child is not sitting in it. Please check the type list or our FIT FINDER® on the product page to see if the child car seat is compatible with your car.

With belt
This child seat can be fitted with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt. This is handy if you want to install the child seat in different cars that may not all have ISOFIX anchorage points. The belt guides on the car seat will help you install the child seat correctly. Refer to the car manual for the appropriate car seat positions for your car. Please also ask your local dealer for a test installation in your car before buying the child car seat.

Technical data
• 3.5 years - 12 years | 15 - 36 kg
• Forward facing installation 15 - 36 kg
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 67 - 85 x 54 x 39 cm
• Weight - 7,2 kg
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