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Axkid Connect Safety Pad
Axkid Connect Safety Pad
Axkid Connect Safety Pad

Axkid Connect Safety Pad

Axkid Connect - the safety pad that always keeps you close to your child.
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Axkid Connect - the safety pad that always keeps you close to your child

• Warns if the car temperature needs to be adjusted, if your child is in the car seat too long or if your child is left alone in the car
• Can be used in all types and brands of baby car seats and child seats on the market
• IOS (iPhone) and Android compatible and easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth
• Integrated into the free Axkid Connect APP for easy access to manuals, product descriptions and installation films

Easy for you as parents and an additional security for your child

Axkid Connect is a unique product designed to save lives and protect children from overheating or heat stroke and from being alone in the car. Heat stroke in cars is more common than you might think, and every year there are incidents where children are overheated because they are left unattended in hot cars. With its highly sensitive (integrated) sensors, the Safety Pad helps you as a parent to be close to your child throughout the trip and to detect circumstances that are not safe for your child.

Compatible with all car seats and infant carriers

Axkid Connect is a super slim safety pad that is placed in your child's car seat. It is comfortable for your child, easy to use and can be easily exchanged between different cars. Because it fits all types of car seats and infant carriers on the market, it can be used over a long period of time and even shared with others.

Intelligent reminder and temperature alarm

The Axkid Connect safety pad informs you when it is time for you and your child to take a break. The safety pad is set to 45 minutes for infant carriers and 90 minutes for child seats and booster seats according to Axkid recommendations. This recommendation is based on findings that have been developed in Sweden. The Axkid Connect also warns if the vehicle temperature is too high and needs to be regulated. The interior of a car warms up very quickly on warm days and unfortunately accidents happen where children are left behind in overheated cars. By using the Axkid Connect's temperature warning system you minimize the risk of overheating. You will also receive a notification when you leave the car and your child is still in the car seat. The Axkid Connect thus reduces the risk of your child overheating and ensures your child's well-being throughout the entire journey.

A free app that makes everyday life easier

It's easy to connect the Safety Pad to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Axkid Connect app. Download and install the Axkid Connect app on your smartphone for free (works on iPhone or Android). The Axkid Connect app gives you access to manuals, product descriptions and installation films, which also makes it easier to install your Axkid car seat. One safety pad per child seat can be connected. You can connect up to two smartphones to each car seat. When changing the car seat, you simply change the connection to the new car seat and get access to the installation pad. If you are not using an Axkid car seat, select "other model" when connecting. Please note that you will not have access to manuals, product descriptions and installation movies if you connect other models than Axkids child seats. With Axkid Connect you can increase your child's safety with more than one safe child seat. You can always be close to your child and feel safe in terms of your child's safety and well-being.

• battery life between 6-12 months
• rechargeable Li-Po battery
• iOS and Android
• cover washable at 30 degrees
• rechargeable via USB-C, please do not charge while your child is using the pad
• bluetooth SIG
• the language is automatically adapted to the operating system of your smartphone

Technical specification
• dimensions: W 18 x H 1,5 x L20
• bluetooth: 2.4-2.5 GHz
• water resistance: IP42
• reaction threshold: 2 kg+
• RoHS Certification
• CE-RED Certification
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