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Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder
Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder
Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder
Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder
Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder
Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder

Cybex Platinum Sirona Z I-Size PLUS incl. SensorSafe Mustard Yellow Reboarder

Reboarder from the Cybex Platinum series approved for 45-105 cm or up to max. 18 kg
Product no.: 801447
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Weight: 17,00 kg
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Products description

The Sirona Z i-Size Plus - time-tested quality, new fabric!

The "Plus" series of the Sirona Z i-Size offers all the features of the Sirona Z i-Size but adds a new look by using a denim-like fabric.

Cybex has developed a new modular system: the so-called Z-line. These include the CLOUD Z I-SIZE (45 - 87 cm, max 13 kg) products, the Sirona Z I-SIZE products (45 - 105 cm, max 18 kg) and the Base Z.

The Sirona Z I-SIZE is actually the successor to the Cloud Z I-SIZE, but it can also be used from birth on. However, as this seat does not have a carrying handle, the Cloud Z I-SIZE is usually used as a child car seat for the newborn and the Sirona Z I-SIZE is replaced as a child up to 4 years old.

The Sirona Z I-SIZE must be fastened with the Base Z (not included in the price). We are asked again and again, whether the seat can be fixed without a base: no, an attachment without a base is not possible.

Since many customers buy the base directly with the seat of the group 0+, this is offered individually and must be purchased separately.

The absolute novelty of this series is its rotatability, although it is a modular system!
Normally the modular systems such as e.g. The M series of Cybex or the 2 way Pearl by Maxi Cosi rotatable, which means: removable and drive in both directions, but not rotatable, so also for getting in and out of the car door rotatable. The Z-line can do this though: rotate and still be removable as a modular system: so a base to fit the 2 different seats.

A unique "Smart Clip" that increases your child's safety in the car
Finally less to worry about because you know your child is safe. With the introduction of SensorSafe, CYBEX combines smart technology with smart design to ensure that your child's safety and health is always a priority. The clip is attached to the harness system and raises an alarm to avoid critical situations - such as when your child opens the clip, when it gets too hot or too cold in the car interior, when the child is left alone in the car, or when they sit for too long. All warnings are sent via Bluetooth to the connected smartphone and received via a user-friendly app.

Parents who want maximum safety for their child need products that meet their expectations in every way. With the Sirona Z i-Size, Cybex has set new standards for frontal and side impact protection and incorporated it into a child seat that surpasses anyone in front of it.

• 360 degree rotation function
• Rear-facing child seat
• Linear side impact protection

The Sirona Z i-Size is a new child seat in the CYBEX Z-Line, which can be rotated a full 360 degrees. It allows you to easily lift your child in and out of the vehicle in side door orientation and switch between backwards and forwards. The seat has various backrest positions (rest positions) for maximum comfort. Its 12-way adjustable headrest and 5 backrest positions (rest positions) make this seat particularly ergonomic.

Direction of rotation control (D.D.C.)

The innovative 360 degree rotation mechanism provides a comfortable and for parents back-friendly entry and exit position. The easy change between backward and forward position is made possible. The Driving Direction Control (D.D.C.) prevents the use in a forward position before the 15th month and reaches a height of at least 76 cm.

Rear-facing child seat

A rear-facing child seat reduces the risk of injury in the event of a head-on impact by more than 80% compared with a forward-facing seat. Tests show that forces resulting from a frontal impact are evenly distributed over a large area. CYBEX recommends the rearward transport of children up to a height of 105 cm, approx. 4 years.

Integrated linear side protection

The integrated L.S.P. System of the Sirona Z i-Size offers increased safety in the event of a side impact. The forces of a lateral collision are reduced in conjunction with the energy-absorbing shell by about 25%.

Energy Reduction Technology

The energy-reduction technology of the Sirona Z i-Size offers increased safety in the forward position in the event of a frontal impact. The "ER-Tech" reduces the forces acting on the child's neck in the event of a frontal impact by more than 20% compared to other 5-point harness systems.

Height-adjustable headrest

The 12-way height-adjustable headrest offers a simple, individual adaptation to the growing child.

One-hand seat, recline and rotation adjustment

The one-handed seat, recliner and rotation adjustment allows parents to adjust the seat with just one hand. For comfortable sleeping while driving, the Sirona Z i-Size offers 5 seated and reclined positions in reverse and 3 seated and reclined positions forwards.

Two-Click Installation with Isofix

A two-click installation by ISOFIX ensures easy installation and guarantees increased safety. Together with the base Z, the seat is secured via the ISOFIX system of the car and without further buckling with the car strap. The colored indicators of the ISOFIX system reduce the risk of incorrect operation during installation to a minimum.

Zwei-Klick Installation mit Isofix

Eine Zwei-Klick-Installation durch ISOFIX sorgt für einfachen Einbau und garantiert erhöhte Sicherheit. Zusammen mit der Base Z wird der Sitz über das ISOFIX System des Autos und ohne weiteres Anschnallen mit dem Autogurt gesichert. Durch die farbigen Indikatoren des ISOFIX Systems wird die Gefahr einer Fehlbedienung beim Einbau auf ein Minimum reduziert.

Modular System

Stay flexible - as part of the Z-Line modular system, both the Sirona Z i-Size and the Cloud Z i-Size (not included in the price) can be clicked on the Base Z (not included in the price). This provides continuous safety from birth up to a size of 105 cm, about 4 years.

5-point harness

Easy handling and maximum safety when buckling up thanks to the 5-point safety belt.

Energy-absorbing shell

The energy-absorbing shell of the Sirona Z i-Size absorbs the impact forces and protects the baby.

belt holder

The magnetic belt holders ensure a comfortable entry and exit position.

New textiles

High-quality fabrics in modern design and contemporary colors - The Sirona Z i-Size combines two fabrics in a unique way: A fabric is extremely soft and cuddly, especially on the inside of the seat. A durable, two-tone twill fabric completes the cover on the outside. This makes your little ones feel well on longer trips. At the same time, the textiles fit perfectly into the interior of modern vehicles.

Technical Details

• Length / Width / Height: 715/430/670 mm
• Weight: 15 kg
• UN R129
• This product was developed and designed in Germany
• Cover washable at 30 degrees


• Sirona Z I-Size without base
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