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Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose
Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose

Römer Baby Safe2 i-Size Bundle Wine Rose

Child seat form birth up to 15 months with R129 confirmation.
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Products description

The BABY-SAFE2 i-SIZE is the first baby seat that meets the requirements of the ECE R129 standard (i-size). This makes the baby seat for newborns up to 15 months safe and comfortable and grows with your baby up to 83 cm. The Flex Base is included in the price.

The BABY-SAFE2 i-SIZE meets the requirements of the ECE R129 standard (i-size) and is suitable for newborns up to 15 months or up to a size of 83 cm. The newborn insert protects the baby and gives it extra support and comfort. In the event of an accident, it dissipates energy and additionally protects the baby. As your child grows, you can remove the neonatal insert and adjust the height of the headrest. So your offspring has more space.

Patented technology for a flat reclining position for safety and comfort

Not so easy to be in the car with a newborn. That starts with the decision for the optimal lying position. On the one hand, a flat reclining position is better because the neck muscles of a small baby are not yet sufficiently developed. On the other hand, a more upright position in the event of an impact is safer. That's why the BABY-SAFE2 i-SIZE was developed with the patented technology for a flat reclining position. It works very simple: If you adjust the height of the headrest, the lying position adjusts itself with. And if you use the BABY-SAFE i-SIZE FLEX BASE in certain vehicles, the reclining position for your baby's bike will be even better.

Calming safety for the first baby rides

They are the most vulnerable passengers: children and especially newborns. Therefore, they must be particularly well protected in the event of an accident. It is not without reason that Britax Römer focuses on the development, continuous improvement and manufacture of child safety seats - including numerous tests they carry out. In doing so, Britax Römer meets the highest safety standards that exist and even exceeds the norm in the stringent testing procedures for the new Child Safety Regulations (ECE R129). So, when you buy the BABY-SAFE2 i-SIZE, it's part of the research and years of experience. So that you can enjoy every ride with your child.

Color indicators for correct installation

You can rely on that: The color indicators tell you whether the baby carrier is correctly attached to the base or stroller. Because once the adapters are properly locked, the color indicators change from red to green.

Quick detachable cover

Sometimes things get pretty chaotic on the street. It's easy to spill a drink or your child might get sick of driving. In foresight, Römer has developed a machine washable seat cover that can be easily removed without having to remove the 5 point harness. So you get the seat quickly clean again - and it can go on.

Side Impact Protection - SICT

In the event of a side impact, your child is optimally protected thanks to side impact protection technology (SICT) - even twice. On the one hand, the forces that your child is exposed to in a side impact are diverted away from him, and on the other hand, they are subdued. To ensure that your child is optimally protected, you should always adjust the SICT so that it is only used on the side facing the door.

Flat reclining position

Your newborn is safest when it is comfortable and ergonomic. Thanks to the integrated and patented technology for a flat reclining position, you can set the reclining position differently and adapt it to the size of your child. The position changes automatically as you adjust the headrest - so that your child has more space when it grows. Incidentally, this also applies to the shoulder straps.

product features

Rear-facing installation 40 - 83 cm

Dimensions (H x W x D): 58 x 44 x 67 cm
Weight 4.8 kg


On the base
Imagine, your baby is sleeping soundly and you have to either lift it out of the car or put it in the car - without waking it. In such cases, many parents really appreciate the baby-shell bases. While the base is securely and firmly installed in the car, and stays there, you can easily remove the baby seat from the base or click on the base. Without much effort and without disturbing your little one. The BABY-SAFE² i-SIZE with FLEX BASE or BASE can be used on all vehicle seat positions that are i-size compatible and in most cars with ISOFIX.

With belt

This child seat can be installed with the vehicle's 3-point harness. This is handy if you install the child seat in different cars that may not all have ISOFIX anchorage points. The belt guides on the car seat help you to install the child seat correctly. In your vehicle owner's manual, you'll find the vehicle seating positions appropriate for your car. We are happy to build, as a trained specialist, you the seat for a trial in the car.

aircraft certification

Incidentally, Britax Römer car seats and baby carriers are not only safe on the ground. Even on air travel, they offer your little one protection and comfort. Before you board your plane with your child, check out the list to see if the car seat is certified for air traffic. Some of the Britax Römer child seats are approved for installation using the seat belt in the aircraft, for others you need an additional aircraft accessory set. For more information, please contact the airline.


• Baby Safe2 i-Size
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