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Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg
Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg

Römer Advansafix IV Cool Flow Black 9-36kg

Child seat from 9-36kg or 9 months to 12 years with new Flip & Grow function.
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Products description

The safety of every child is important to Britax-Romans. That's why the ADVANSAFIX IV R offers advanced security features to keep your child well protected at all ages. When you strap your child in with the 3-point vehicle harness, the SecureGuard holds the lap belt in an optimal position over the pelvic bone, reducing the risk of abdominal injuries. Additionally, the customizable SICT and V-shaped headrest provide protection in the event of a side impact.

Extra comfort - for every family

With the ADVANSAFIX IV R, making things big is even more fun! Thanks to the FLIP & GROW function, you can switch from the integrated belt system to the 3-point vehicle belt in just a few simple steps, when your child has reached at least 15 and a maximum of 18 kg - a real breeze! There is nothing to remove from the seat; so nothing can be lost and rebuilt at any time. The extra soft padding and EasyRecline with three adjustable seating positions - for small and large - ensure that your child has it comfortable on every ride.

Quality - Made in Germany

Britax-Römer believes that the paths from product development to production should be as short as possible. For this reason, the ADVANSAFIX IV R was completely developed, designed and produced in Germany and only approved after numerous tests on Britax Römererer's in-house and state-of-the-art crash test facility. This allows Britax-Römer to guarantee the highest possible quality for its customers. And that applies not only to the components of the child seat, but also to the covers and fabrics that are all made in Europe. All this so that your and our children are always safe.


If your child has reached at least 15 kg and a maximum of 18 kg, you will need to change from the integrated 5-point harness to the 3-point vehicle belt to secure your child in the child seat. Thanks to the FLIP & GROW function, this is now possible in a few simple steps. Just adjust the headrest and stow the harness in the backrest so it will not get lost. Then you set the FLIP & GROW-Umstellplatte with the SecureGuard and you're ready to go


EasyRecline is suitable for all ages and allows you to bring the seat into three comfortable seating positions. Even while your child sits in the seat and without the Top Tether re-adapt - quite comfortable for both child and parents

Britax Roman Pivot Link System

In the event of an accident, the patented Pivot Link ISOFIX system reduces the forward movement (2) of the child seat and mainly deflects the forces downwards (1). Thus, the force of the impact is cushioned by the pad of the car seat and the risk of head and neck injuries significantly reduced.

5-point harness system

Britax-Römer is convinced that a 5-point belt system is best suited to protect your child in the car seat. Because it ensures your youngest in the protective shell of the seat optimally. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes and mitigates the impact forces to 5 points: at the shoulders, hips, and buckle between the legs. This protects your child from all sides in the event of an accident.

Soft Neoprene Special Shoulder Pads

The soft neoprene special shoulder pads nestle comfortably against the body. In a crash, they not only reduce the forward displacement of your child - they also make the 5-point harness even more comfortable. In addition, you can easily remove them for washing without having to intervene in the belt system.


The SecureGuard helps protect your child's sensitive abdomen with an extra attachment point for the adult's 3-point autogyros. By optimally positioning your lap belt over your child's pelvic bones, the SecureGuard reduces the forces of a frontal impact by up to 35% *, giving your baby sufficient freedom of movement while riding.

* Internal Britax testing with a Q6 dummy that is the same size and weight as an average 6-year-old child.

Side Impact Protection - SICT

In the event of a side impact, your child is optimally protected thanks to Side Impact Protection (SICT) technology. Because, on the one hand, the forces that your child is exposed to in the event of a side impact are diverted away from him, and on the other hand, they are weakened before they reach your child. To ensure that your child is optimally protected, you should use the SICT technology on the side facing the door.

high back protection

Römer child seats with backrest protect your child in three ways: the seat protects your child from head to hip, especially in the event of a side impact. At the same time, the upper and lower belt guides ensure that the vehicle belt is in place and the padded headrest provides safety and comfort for your child's head and neck.

V-shaped headrest

The V-shaped headrest has been specially designed to keep the delicate head of the child moving in the event of a side impact. Thus, it not only offers optimal protection but also a lot of comfort. In addition, you can adjust the headrest and the belt system from the front of the seat easily, so that both fit perfectly to the size of your child.

Top Tether

In the event of an impact, the V-shaped Top Tether prevents the seat from rotating while reducing the forward movement of the child seat. Thanks to the double anchoring points, the Top Tether offers even more stability and safety for your child than conventional Top Tethers.

Removable cover

Sometimes things get pretty chaotic in the car. It's easy to spill a drink or your child may be sick of driving. Therefore, Britax Römer has developed a machine washable seat cover that is easy to remove. So you get the seat quickly and easily clean again.

product features

• Forward-facing installation 15 - 36 kg
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 0 - 83 x 44 x 47 cm
• Weight 11 kg
• Approval: R44 Group 2/3


• Group 1: ISOFIX with Top Tether

This child seat must be attached to the ISOFIX anchorage points of your vehicle. ISOFIX is a standard system for attachment points in almost all vehicles. This ensures that the child seat is securely fastened in the car. Special requirements for ADVANSAFIX IV R: The safe installation of the seat is only completed when a Top Tether is used as it provides optimum stability. In your vehicle manual you will find the mounting points for ISOFIX and the top tether in your car. Of course, we also like to build the child seat on site for you as a trained specialist.

• Group 2/3: With belt and ISOFIX attachment

This child seat must be fitted to the vehicle with the vehicle's 3-point harness and ISOFIX anchorage points. This ensures that the child seat is securely fastened in the car - even if your child is not sitting in it. Please see the product list or our FIT FINDER® product page to see if the child car seat is compatible with your car.

• Group 2/3: With belt

This child seat can be installed with the vehicle's 3-point harness. This is handy if you install the child seat in different cars that may not all have ISOFIX anchorage points. The belt guides on the car seat help you to install the child seat correctly. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find the right vehicle seating for your car.
As a trained technical staff we will gladly build the child seat on site.
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