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Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black
Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black
Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black
Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black
Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black
Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black

Römer Trifix 2 i-Size Crystal Black

As long as your child is between 76 cm and 105 cm tall, it is protected in the Römer Tririx 2 i-Size best thanks to patented Pivot Link ISOFIX system and other features.
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Products description

The TRIFIX2 i-SIZE is the ideal first car seat after the infant carrier because it is tailored to the needs of children between 76 cm and 105 cm. Thanks to the integrated ISOFIX and Top Tether, it is easy and safe to install and the optimized seating surface ensures that your child has enough space when it grows - from 15 months to about 4 years. Last but not least, thanks to our innovative security features, you can be completely reassured because your child is always well protected in his seat.

Product Highlights:

Safe all around

When your baby turns into a toddler, his needs may change, but not the fact that he needs to be safe on the go. That's why our TRIFIX i-SIZE offers all-round safety for your little one. Thanks to the large, softly padded side panels with SICT inside and the V-shaped headrest, your child is well protected in the event of a side impact. In the event of a head-on collision, our patented ISOFIX with anti-tip system and the Top Tether with rip-stitch technology ensure the safety of your child.

Easy installation thanks to integrated ISOFIX and Top Tether

Thanks to ISOFIX and Top Tether, the TRIFIX2 i-SIZE is not only easy to install but also offers more space in the footwell of your car. The ISOFIX connectors are integrated into the child car seat and offer maximum safety. In addition, you do not have to alter the built-in seat during its entire life. Because the TRIFIX² i-SIZE can be used in all i-size seating positions as well as on any vehicle seat with ISOFIX and Top Tether anchoring points, it is suitable for many different cars. And because the ISOFIX connectors are integrated directly into your TRIFIX² i-SIZE, baby seat and base remain free for a little sibling.

Product features:

Integrated side impact protection technology (SICT inside)

In the event of a side impact, your child is optimally protected thanks to our side impact protection technology (SICT inside) - even twice. On the one hand, SICT inside moves your child away from the impact, and on the other, it dampens the forces that your child is exposed to in a side impact. You do not have to adjust or adjust anything - so SICT inside is always ready when you need it.

Britax Roman Pivot Link System

In the event of an accident, our patented Pivot Link ISOFIX system reduces the forward movement (2) of the child seat and mainly deflects the forces downwards (1). Thus, the force of the impact is cushioned by the pad of the car seat and the risk of head and neck injuries significantly reduced.
In the event of an impact, our V-shaped Top Tether prevents the seat from rotating while reducing your child's forward motion. Thanks to the double anchoring points, our Top Tether offers even more stability and safety for your child than conventional Top Tethers. In addition, its unique quilting seams ensure that it gradually breaks in a controlled manner, thereby mitigating the forces that act in a frontal collision.

V-shaped headrest

Our V-shaped headrest has been specifically designed to keep the delicate head of the child moving in the event of a side impact. This provides optimal protection. But of course a lot of comfort. In addition, you can easily adjust the headrest and the belt system from the front of the seat, so that both fit perfectly to the size of your scion.

5-point harness system

We are convinced that a 5-point harness system is best suited to protect your child in a car seat. Because it optimally secures your offspring in the protective shell of the seat. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes and mitigates the impact forces to 5 points: at the shoulders, hips, and buckle between the legs. This protects your child from all sides in the event of an accident.

Deep, soft padded sidewalls

Our deep, softly cushioned sidewalls look like a protective cocoon that dampens the impact of a side impact. So that the risk of injury to your child is as low as possible.

Soft neoprene special shoulder pads

Our new, soft neoprene special shoulder pads nestle comfortably against your child's body. In a crash, they not only reduce the forward displacement of your child, but they make the 5-point belt even more comfortable. In addition, they can easily be removed for washing without having to intervene in the belt system.

Multi-adjustable rest positions

Driving should be as comfortable as possible for your little one. That's why this seat has been designed with four rest positions that you can easily adjust - for a stress-free trip with a squeaky happy child.

Quick removable cover

Sometimes things get pretty chaotic on the street. It's easy to spill a drink or your child might get sick of driving. With foresight, we have developed a machine washable seat cover that is easy to remove. Without having to remove the belt. So you get the seat quickly clean again - and it can go on.

Forward belt buckle

To make it easy for you to strap your child into place, the buckle stays in a forward-looking position.

Technical details:

Forward facing installation: 15 months - 4 years, 76 - 105 cm
Dimensions (H x W x D): 65 x 45 x 54 cm
Weight: 10.5 kg

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