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Disana Player
Disana Player
Disana Player
Disana Player
Disana Player

Disana Player

Practical and quick to put on and yet wonderfully comfortable on the skin.
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Products description

Wrapped in a soft, elastic knit that follows your every move and gently envelops your child.

Disana articles are dyed with synthetic "reactive dyes". This group of dyes is considered harmless and is approved according to the strict criteria of GOTS and BEST. Yarns dyed in this way are particularly colorfast and do not bleach or wash out.

Product information
• Material: 100% virgin wool (organic virgin wool).
• Size guide: size 50/56 - 0-3 months, size 62/68 - 3-6 months.

Properties of Disana wool
Wool keeps you warm because its naturally crimped fiber traps lots of air. Wool is temperature balancing and releases excess body heat to the cooler environment.
Pure new wool absorbs up to a third of its own weight in vaporous moisture without feeling damp. At the same time, thanks to its lanolin content, the fiber protects against external moisture and allows water droplets to roll off the surface.
Wool does not charge electrostatically and therefore hardly attracts dirt and odors. However, one of the main advantages of wool is its high resilience, which makes it practically wrinkle-free.

Care of Disana wool products
Wool is very similar to human hair in its chemical structure. Therefore, as with washing hair, cleaning should be as gentle as possible.
Wool hardly absorbs dirt, the scales on the fiber surface repel dirt downright. Thus, clothing made of wool rarely needs to be washed; airing is usually sufficient.
However, if wool articles must be washed, natural wool should always be hand washed at max. 30 degrees. Wool is extremely sensitive to alkalis and therefore also to soap.
For washing wool, therefore, use a special wool detergent, e.g. disanas wool shampoo. To prevent felting, wool must not be soaked, rubbed, wrung or brushed. Simply press through lightly with your hand. Drying in the sun, on the heating or even in the tumble dryer are taboo. It is best to place the wool item on a dry terry towel and let it dry in a shady, well-ventilated place.


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