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Disana wool plaid natur 100x80cm

Disana wool plaid natur 100x80cm

No other article complies with the feeling of security and warmth more than our baby blanket from Merino Wool.
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Products description

No other article fulfills the feeling of security and warmth more than the Merino-Schurwolle baby blanket.

It is light as a feather, but forms a protective covering around the child. It is cuddly warm and at the same time compensates temperatures. She is soft and fluffy and keeps playing and fun standing. Whoever has felt our disana baby blanket will share our enthusiasm for natural textiles.
The noble Ajour pattern can only be knitted by very few, mechanical machines in our production. This precious look is supported by an elaborate shell seam that covers the edge of the ceiling.

100% kbT Schurwolle

Characteristics of disana wool
Wool keeps warm because its naturally crimped fiber includes a lot of air. Wool is temperature-compensated and releases excess body heat to the cooler environment.
Pure Schurwolle absorbs up to one third of its own weight in steamy moisture without feeling humid. At the same time, thanks to its lanolin content, the fiber protects it from external moisture and lets water drops drip off the surface.
Wool is not electrostatically charged and therefore hardly attracts dirt and odors. However, the main advantage of the wool is its high tensioning force, which makes it virtually crease-free.

Care of Disana wool products:
Wool is very similar in chemical composition to human hair. Therefore, the cleaning should be done as gently as possible.
Wool hardly absorbs dirt, the scales on the fiber surface repel dirt. Thus clothing made of wool must be seldom washed;
If, however, woolen articles are to be washed, natural wool is basically hand wash at max. 30 degrees. Wool is very sensitive to alkalis and therefore also to soap.
For washing the wool, therefore, a special wool detergent e.g. use our disana wool shampoo. To ensure that it does not melt, wool must not be soaked, rubbed, or brushed. Just push it with your hand. Drying in the sun, on the heater or even in the tumble dryer are taboo
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