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REER Changing table radiant heater 2in1

REER Changing table radiant heater 2in1

Radiant heater with automatic switch-off
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Products description

Perfectly protected from cooling down!

In babies, heat regulation through the skin is not yet fully developed. Therefore they are not able to adapt their own body temperature to falling temperatures and are quickly exposed to hypothermia, especially after bathing or when changing diapers. It is therefore particularly important to maintain the baby's body temperature.
The EasyHeat Flex changing table heater provides your baby with cosy warmth immediately. This maintains a constant comfortable temperature and balances temperature differences. This prevents subsequent illnesses such as colds and guarantees your baby cosy moments.

• Provides soothing immediate warmth and protects against cooling down and secondary diseases
• 2in1 can be used as wall or floor mounted unit
• Temperature distribution tested according to medical device standard (IEC 601-2-21)
• switchable automatic switch-off
• Pull switch to select 2 heating levels: 400W / 800W (230V)

Always the right temperature thanks to two selectable heating levels

The 2in1 FeelWell changing table heater from reer has two different heat levels that can be selected quickly and easily with a pull cord. Thus it offers the right heating power in every environment and room temperature.

Flexible installation thanks to removable stand elements

The stand allows you to set up the radiant heater flexibly, according to your requirements and spatial conditions. Thanks to removable foot elements, the radiant heater can be placed close to the wall.*
* For safety reasons the radiant heater with 4 foot elements may only be used directly on the wall.

Individually adjustable heating head can be tilted up to 50 degrees

The inclination element, which can be easily adjusted up to 50 degrees, ensures that you can direct the heat radiation precisely and above all evenly. This function proves to be very practical, especially at the changing table, as the desired temperature is only directed to the place that needs to be warmed. This ensures that the baby does not freeze and the parents do not sweat under the radiant heater. The 2in1 FeelWell radiant heater for changing tables is also very economical to use thanks to the tilting heating head, as it immediately provides cosy warmth where it is needed.

Easy wall mounting thanks to the removable wall bracket

The removable mounting plate makes the installation of the changing table radiant heater child's play. It can be conveniently attached to the wall using the screws and dowels supplied. Thanks to the wall mounting, the radiant heater for changing tables is very space-saving and out of reach for small children's hands.

Especially safe thanks to the switchable automatic switch-off function

Especially if you are in a hurry, it can happen that you forget to switch off the radiant heater for the changing table. With the switchable off function you have one less worry. To activate the automatic switch-off function, simply set the timer switch on the underside of the unit to "ON" and the changing table radiant warmer will switch off automatically after 10 minutes. However, if the 10 minutes of heat radiation are not enough for you, the unit can be switched on again in no time at all.

Easy operation thanks to the pull switch

After bathing or even when changing or dressing the child, mum and dad have their hands full. They have no time to deal with technically complicated equipment. The 2in1 FeelWell nappy-changing table warmer is switched on in the blink of an eye and immediately provides a pleasant, spot-on heat radiation. By pulling the pull cord again, the heating level can be changed or the unit switched off again.

Product details

• temperature distribution tested according to medical device standard (IEC 601-2-21)
• switchable automatic switch-off
• pull switch to select two heating levels: 400 W / 800 W (230 V)
• replaceable safety heating rod with splinter protection
• integrated tilt shut-off function
• heating head tiltable up to 50 degrees
• dimensions: approx. W 52 cm x H 155 cm to 185 cm
• cable length: 185 cm (with safety plug)
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