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Gesslein FX4 Soft+ Classic 166275 inkl. C1 Lift carry bag
Gesslein FX4 Soft+ Classic 166275 inkl. C1 Lift carry bag

Gesslein FX4 Soft+ Classic 166275 inkl. C1 Lift carry bag

Combi baby carriage from Gesslein incl. C1 soft carry bag.
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The comfortable classic

With its adjustable backrest and the footrest that grows with your child, the GESSLEIN FX4 Classic offers your child a comfortable sitting and reclining position at any age. The elaborately crafted canopy provides extra comfort: the back of the canopy can be removed for extra fresh air and all-round visibility, while a fly net protects it from falling out. Thanks to its small pack size, the GESSLEIN FX4 Classic pushchair fits into any car boot.

All-round view & freshness kick

The canopy back of the GESSLEIN FX4 Classic sport seat is removable, with a net to protect it from falling out. Little explorers love this feature because they enjoy extra fresh air and a fabulous all-round view!

More headroom & protection

The lined canopy optimally keeps out UV rays. The canopy is extra-high and offers plenty of headroom, so that even taller children have enough room upwards.

Viewing window in the canopy

A viewing window in the canopy of the GESSLEIN FX4 Classic sports seat opens with a zip. This way you can keep an eye on your child and at the same time the hood extends for even more sun protection.

Flat reclining position

The backrest can be adjusted to the reclining position and offers your child a comfortable, almost straight lying surface. This promotes a healthy sleep.


The footrest with extra footrest can be pulled out. So you can adjust it individually to the size of your child.

Safe hold

The adjustable five-point safety harness offers your child optimum protection. Optimal seat depth: The harness can be individually adjusted to the size of your child - not only the shoulder straps, but also the pelvic harness can be variably adjusted.

The safety and play bar can be opened with one hand, swivelled to the side and removed if necessary.

Comfort & support in every position

The GESSLEIN Loop seat cover offers your child optimum comfort. The comfortable padding has extra side protection and gives extra support through the headrest. The Cellpur core stores twice as much moisture as comparable foams. So your child feels comfortable in the Loop pad even in hotter temperatures. Germs and bacteria don't stand a chance.

Hygienic & practical

The removable loop seat cover can be washed separately at any time. All loops are also available separately. With a new loop, you can change the look of your pram in an instant!

This is what your frame can do

Light & Compact

Thanks to its small pack size and light weight, the FX4 Classic is easy to transport. It fits in any car boot!

Safe stand

Simply operate the brake with your foot and your pushchair stands securely and cannot roll away.

Soft+ wheels

The wheels are well sprung and particularly robust with a foam core made of air bubbles and a hard rubber cover.

Lockable s wivel wheels

Large fixed rear wheels and swivel wheels at the front provide flexibility. You can lock the front wheels to make better progress on uneven ground.

Stable off-road

The swivel wheels can be replaced by a fixed axle for stable off-road driving.

Lots of storage space

You can easily reach the large luggage net - without cross struts! This makes it easy to stow even bulky items.

Reversible seat

The sport seat of the GESSLEIN FX4 can be mounted in the direction of travel or in the opposite direction - depending on whether your child would rather look ahead or have eye contact with you.

Simple braking

The FX4 can be equipped with an optional handbrake. This reduces the effort required, especially on sloping terrain.

Push handle individually adjustable

The push handle can be individually adjusted to any body height - from 80 to 117 cm. Thanks to the joint adjustment, the lever arm remains sufficiently long. This means that less effort is required to lift the pushchair.

Back-friendly height

The special frame design means that the carrycot or carrycot sits higher on the pushchair, so that you can lift your baby in and out of it without damaging your back.

This is what your FX4 frame can do

- Sturdy Air+ wheels with a foam core made of air bubbles and a hard rubber cover.
- Patented front wheel suspension for maximum riding comfort
- Foot brake for safe standing
- Swivel and lockable front wheels
- Large, fixed rear wheels
- Optional: interchangeable axle with large wheels for stable off-road driving
- Large luggage net, easily accessible without crossbars
- Push handle individually adjustable - from 80 to 117 cm
- Optional: handbrake for deceleration
- Compact folding size: 68x57x35 cm
- Flexible on the move - matching adapters for carrycot or infant carrier

This is what your Classic seat can do

- Elaborately crafted seat, sewn by hand in Germany
- Removable canopy back with net as fall-out protection
- Extra-high hood
- Lined canopy keeps UV rays at bay
- XXL sun protection with extendable hood and foldable sun shield
- Canopy compartments for small items such as dummies, handkerchiefs, etc...
- Seat position adjustable up to reclining position
- Footrest grows with the child
- Reversible seat
- Adjustable five-point safety harness
- Adjustable seat depth of the pelvic belt
- Loop seat cover made of Cellpur absorbs moisture
- Loop seat cover individually removable and washable
- Weather protection made of sturdy PVC film in practical storage net on the backrest

Carrycot Information

The C1 Lift bag combines the stability of a rigid tote bag with the functionality and weight of a soft bag. With its solid protective frame and particularly wide in the head area, it offers plenty of headroom. So that your baby cannot accidentally slip out when the carrier bag cover is open, a net has been incorporated in the foot area as extra protection.

An integrated padding provides additional protection in the head area.

Easily removable for washing or changing.

Without the top part, the bag becomes a cozy nest, ideal with the feel-good bed. The protective band, integrated net in the foot area protects your baby from accidentally slipping out when the carrier bag cover is open.

The carrying bag has a safety plug so that it doesn't slip out if you tilt the stroller, e.g. to pass a curb.

Wind protection
To protect your child from the wind, the flap of the bag can be folded up.

The stable and wide metal frame ensures a large head area and offers your baby extra protection if, for example, older siblings accidentally lean on the bag.

Important Data Carry Bag

• Lying surface: 83 x 34 cm
• Weight: 2.1kg
• Max. baby weight: 9 kg

Dimensions and weight overall (all dimensions are approximate, weight varies depending on fabric choice)

• Weight top: 5,0 kg
• Weight of frame: 7,8 kg
• Weight child: maximum 22 kg
• Shopping basket load: 5 kg
• Lying surface: 96 x 34 cm
• Backrest length: 44 cm
• Push height: 80-117 cm
• Seat depth/width: 26/34 cm
• Footrest length: 23-27 cm
• Frame width: 57 cm
• Folding size of top: 68 x 57 x 35 cm
• Folding dimensions frame: 68 x 57 x 35 cm

Included in delivery

• FX4 frame black with push handle leather tobacco
• Classic pushchair seat (colour no.: 260260)
• Weather cover
• CX3 carrycot
• Mattress
• Carrycot adapter (for attaching the carrycot to the frame)


Product no.: 60330
Weight: 25,00 kg
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