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Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set
Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set

Silver Cross Surf 2 Aston Martin (Special Edition) - Set

The Surf 2 Aston Martin is the symbol for high quality materials. While the Super Light magnesium alloy frame lends the car an incomparable lightness, the cashmere blanket and the processed wool of Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep provide warmth and gentleness to your baby.
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Our life is fast, it is athletic, it is uncompromising. Often we live in the fast lane and enjoy every success we achieve on the way. With a child life seems to be even faster. No wonder that even the first vehicle for our smallest should be of the highest quality.

That's why leading designers have long worked on the Surf 2 Aston Martin. It should radiate power and elegance like an original Aston Martin and be perfect right down to the technical details. The design, fabrics and wheels, inspired by one of the world's most recognizable and prestigious sports car manufacturers, so that it meets the ideals of elegant beauty and authentic craftsmanship of both British luxury companies Silver Cross and Aston Martin at the highest level. The noble materials and the high-quality processing make every pram to a symbol of technical innovation and class.

Product highlights

From the leather handles with Aston Martin emblem, over the outer fabrics of Alcantara, to the plaque of the respective quantity: This exclusive pram is a distinctive eye-catcher.

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin is equipped with an innovative air-ride suspension and is incredibly easy to maneuver. The ultra-light magnesium alloy of the frame allows a beautiful structure and contributes to the perfect balance of the stroller.

In addition, there could not have been more valuable materials processed. The safety 5-point harness is also padded with valuable Alcantara. The premium pushchair is wearing a beautiful coat of sheep from Buckfastleigh in Devon, southern England. Also included is a 100% cashmere baby blanket. It is made with traditional jacquard looms to produce the softest and lightest cashmere.

Limited edition

The Surf Aston Martin Edition is limited to only a few pieces worldwide. Each customer receives a certificate.

The frame has a plaque engraved with the respective limited number. The processing of quality materials at Surf Aston Martin is done by hand.

The Surf Aston Martin is an unique edition and one of the most exclusive prams in the world.

The Surf Aston Martin is heavily limited and decorated with a current year plaque.

Scope of delivery

Inspired by motorsport, when processing the highly stressed materials, emphasis was placed on the use of a Super Light Magnesium Alloy (the world's strongest and lightest material) laid. This has the advantage that the material is super strong, but at the same time is also an extreme light metal. This exclusive Materials were used in the development and implementation of the stroller frame.

When processing the Surf Aston Martin, the highest value was placed on quality and workmanship. For example, you will find the high-tech microfibre fabric Alcantara in the baby bath paneling inside and out again, just as the car manufacturer Aston Martin equips its car seats and car interior.
Alcantara is a registered trademark and is produced as a nonwoven exclusively by the company Alcantara. Alcantara arises from a blend of synthetic fibers polyester and polystyrene, reminiscent in its texture of soft suede. Many manufacturers swear by now Alcantara as an uncomplicated and above all as durable fabric.

The pushchair seat is lined with beautiful cream Alcantara and has a 3 position recline. It can be turned both parent facing and forward facing.

Who does not know the romantic Cornwall area in England. The Devon and Cornwall Longwool are as calm and friendly as they look and lead a comfortable life. The wool of Cornwall Longwool sheep is very strong and durable and has a very special quality. Above all, she has one light shine and is very good spinnbar. The lambskin is made exclusively for the seat insert of the Aston Martin sports car seat.

Like the pushing handle, the bumper bar for your carrycot and pushchair seat is finished in a rich tan leather and is embossed with the Silver Cross for Aston Martin emblem.

Finished in the same cream Alcantara as the pushchair seat, these lovely harness pads offer extra comfort for your baby.

The wheels of the Surf Aston Martin are based on the design of the ONE77 Supercar.

The premium fabric regulates sleep temperature and provides protection against bacteria and odors.

For the baby blanket pure cashmere was processed. Our exclusive baby blanket is woven with traditional jacquard looms, making it the softest and most comfortable produce the lightest cashmere. Thus, we can spoil you and your baby with the cuddly cashmere luxury.

Two sumptuous hood and apron packs are included, one is for the newborn carrycot and the the other is for the pushchair seat unit. Both are finished in a unique Aston Martin grey fabric.

Practical, removable shopping basket with Aston Martin emblem.

Protects your child from rain and wind.

Product details

wheel Property / Type: Front Wheels: PU, swivel and lockable
wheel Property / Type: Rear wheels: foam rubber wheels, easily removable
wheel diameter: rear wheels: 31.5cm, front wheels 18cm
suspension: Yes
special feature suspension: Air / gas suspension - Mountain Bike Technology
brake: Front: No / Rear: Yes
special feature brake: spring-assisted foot brake (advantage: easier to operate)
belt system: 5-point safety belt
cover: removable
care instructions: 30 ____deg; / hand wash

Age recommendation

suitable from birth
up to 15 kg


frame: Super Light Magnesium Alloy - magnesium alloy (especially light) + aluminum
outer cover: Alcantara
inner material in carry cot lining: Alcantara and natural Bamboo
mattress cover: Alcantara and Natural Bamboo Natural Bamboo


built up (height / width / length): 92-100cm x 58cm x 98cm
folded (height / width / length): 28cm x 58cm x 71cm
carry cot surface (height / width / length): 18cm x 71cm x 28 cm
seat of pushchair (width / length): 37cm x 93cm
backrest of pushcahir (width / length): 37cm x 47cm
pushchair (seat pad + calf support) (width / length): 37cm x 43cm
shopping basket (height / width / length): 19cm x 37cm x 46cm


frame: 7.5kg
carry cot: 3.8kg
pushchair: 4kg
frame with pushchair: 11.5
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