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Peg Perego Set Book 51S incl. Set Elite Luxe opal 3 in 1

Peg Perego Set Book 51S incl. Set Elite Luxe opal 3 in 1

The Book 51S Elite Modular is the elegant modular-system with grip made of fake-leather and for the transport in a car approved carrycot.
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The Book 51S Elite Modular is the elegant modular-system with grip made of fake-leather and for the transport in a car approved carrycot. Thank to the Off-Road-Technologie the stroller is very flexible and adjusts to every surrounding. As a product which follows highest standards, the Book 51S Elite Modular with only 51 cm width offeres best performance and flexibility also on less space.

The Book 51S Elite Modular includes:
-the frame Book 51S
-the seat Pop-Up with blanket and rain cover
-the elegant, car-approved carrycot Navetta Elite
-the baby carrier Primo Viaggio SL
-the matching changing bag with changing mat

With only one set you have got everything you need to transport your baby from birth on.

The frame of the Book 51S has got unique features! Thank to its thin dimensions the Book 51S has no problems with elevators, high side-walks or small ways in the supermarket. The Book 51S has got a grip made of fake-leather, a adjustable simultan-movement of the wheels and very strong Soft-Ride-wheels with good profile, also for hard paths, side walks etc.

The frame of the Book S is made of light aluminium which guarantees flexibility, stability, long life-term and precise guiding. It is available in the colours Jet and White/Black.

Thank to the G-Matic-System by Peg Perego the Pop-Up seat, the carrycot and the baby carrier are easily installed on the frame by only one click.

-The front wheels can be fixed with only one move directly at the frame

-The very strong Soft-Ride-wheels with profile make it possible that the stroller adjusts itself to every surrounding you want to explore.

-It is a real pleasure to push the Book 51S. With only one hand you can fold or unfold it. When folded it does not take too much space and it stands up alone. Thank to the useful transport-grip in the middel, it can be used as a trolley. The grip with fake-leather can be adjusted in height. The stroller was developed to make sure that also very tall persons just as very small ones can use it without problems. To make the offer complete, the Book 51S also has a big shopping basket.

- the innovative suspended wheels by Peg Perego make a 360 degree movement possible. That means highest guiding-perfomance and 30% better as with other buggies. The front wheels are fixable if you want to and the bigger back wheels guarantee the best perfomance while driving and both are equiped with strong brakes (fixable).

Technical details buggy:

Admission: european product-certificate EN1888
Age-group: 0-36 months
Characteristics of the series: with expandable canopy, incl. hided window with net-texture and space for toys. Cover. Shopping basket and rain cover.
Characteristics of the frame: available in colours Jet and White/Black. Grip made of fake leather, wheels with Soft-Ride-Profile, useful feature at the side to fix the front wheels.
Grip: changable grip
Folding of the frame: the stroller stands alone when folded and the texture does not get dirty because it will not touch the floor.
Stress-free folding: can be folded with one hand without stooping.
Accessoires: Stroller Cup Holder, Mosquito Netting, Baby Cushion, Parasol, Vario Foot Muff, Rain Cover, changing bag, Book Board, Off-Road Wheels, Book Handle Extensions.
Transport: central grip in the middle to fold the buggy and pull it on two wheels.
Canopy: compact and thank to the useful zip expandable with window made of net-texture for better air-circulation on warm days. Incl. installation possibility for toys.
Seat: comfortable, turnable Pop-Up seat with 5-point-safety-belts which are changeable in height.
Back Rest/Foot Rest: over 150 degrees changeable back rest into different positions. Changeable foot rest.
Front part: removable, to get in and out.
Wheels: wheels with Soft-Ride-Profile. Suspended wheels, front wheels fixable. Big, unflexible back wheels with brakes on each one. Back wheels 25 cm, front wheels 18 cm.
Brakes: fixable brake, working on both sides.
G-Matic-System: on the frame all items of the series can be installed: Pop-Up seat, carrycot elite and baby carrier Primo Viaggion SL.
Caring: cushion can be removed and washed by hand.
Material Carrello Book 51S: laquered aluminium. Wheels with Soft-Ride-Profile.

Dimensions opened: 51 X 106 X 93 cm (width, height, depth).

Dimensions folded: 51 X 85 X 35 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight of frame: 8,5 kg

Material seat: seat area made of polypropylen, cover made of polyester.

Dimensions seat open: 41 X 51,5 X 40 cm (width, height, depth).

Dimensions seat closed: 41 X 19,5 X 56 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight seat: 2,8 kg

Dimensions buggy open: 51 X 106 X 93 cm (width, height, depth).

Dimensions buggy closed: 51 X 85 X 42,3 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight buggy: 11,3 kg

Technical details stroller:

Admission: ECE R44/04 group O (von 0-10kg) EN1888 EN1466 european product-certificate
Age Groups: 0-9 months
Transport: integrated carrying grip made of fake-leather, patent by Peg Perego. With the G-Matic-System the carrycot gets clicked on the frame and like this it developes into a real stroller.
Accessoires: car-kit, breathable mattress, Rain Cover, Bassinet Stand, kit for bassinet, changing bag.

Material shell: shell made of EPS-coated polypropylen

Material cover: polyester

Outer dimensions: 44 X 63 X 87 cm (width, height, depth).

Inner dimensions: 32 X 22 X 73 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight: 5,1 kg

Technical details baby carrier:

Primo Viaggio SL: age group 0+ univeral category, gets fixed with safety belts in the car, on the Belted Base (available seperatly) or on the Isofix Base (available seperatly).
Norm: european standard ECE R44/04
Admission: double admission, three installation possibilities in the car.
Age-group: 0-12 months (circa)
Weight of child: 0-13 kg
Installation in the car: only AGAINST driving direction! It is recommended to choose the back seat on the opposite side of the drivers seat.
Airbag: do not use with activated Airbag!
Accessoires: Belted Base, Isofix Base 0+1 K, Clima Cover Primo Viaggio SL, Travel Bag Car Seat, Igloo Cover Primo Viaggio SL, Rain Cover Primo Viaggio SL.
Caring: cushion can be removed and washed by hand.

Material shell: polypropylen

Material cover: polyester

Dimensions: 43 x 65 x 60 cm (width, height, depth).

Weight. 3,8 kg
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