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Peg Perego Set Book S incl. Navetta POP-UP Luxe Bluenight -not online available
Peg Perego Set Book S incl. Navetta POP-UP Luxe Bluenight -not online available

Peg Perego Set Book S incl. Navetta POP-UP Luxe Bluenight -not online available

Book S incl. Navetta POP-UP Luxe Bluenight
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Book S incl. Navetta POP-UP Luxe Bluenight

The Book S chassis offers truly unique features! These include a non-slip leather look handlebar, control for the simultaneous switching of the wheels from swivelling to locked mode, the Soft-Ride wheels to move effortlessly everywhere (including uneven terrain, pavements or gravel). Excellent performance by Peg Perego, offering utmost comfort and ease of use.

The Book S chassis is made of aluminium, a light material that ensures manoeuvrability, stability, resistance to wear and precise movement control.

Open it, fold it, push it with one hand and without worries.

Pushing Book S is a pleasure. You can open it, fold it and push it with just one hand. It closes with a book fold and, when folded, it is free standingand takes up very little room. You can move it effortlessly like a trolley case thanks to the central handle for transport. The height of the single handlebar with a refined leather look insert can be adjusted. It was designed to provide people of different height, size (even foot size!) with an ergonomic grip. The finishing touch is a large storage basket with the "easy load" system.

Locked or swivelling wheels? You can change your mind when you like!

An exclusive control on the chassis allows you to adjust the front wheels with just one movement, selecting locked or swivelling wheels - there is no need to bend down.
The ultra-resistant Soft Ride wheels with tread of the Book S chassis adjusts to the surface you are moving on. This means you can travel comfortably even in unusual situations, such as wet areas, uneven terrain, pavements in town, paved surfaces, gravel and dust roads.

Easy Drive System: less effort and more fun.

The innovative Peg Perego suspension wheels and 12 ball bearings give you 360____deg; of agile movement. This means perfect manoeuvring ease, even on uneven surfaces, and 30% less effort compared to ordinary pushchairs. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels and the rear ones, which are larger to ensure excellent performance, have a centralised brake.

Elegant haute couture collections: The fabrics, stylish finishes and refined details of the Elite collection are the ultimate expression of Italian tailoring excellence. The collection offers a range of different looks and unique styles. Peg Perego's exclusive fabrics are all high quality and last a long time. Proudly Italian: All Peg Perego products are made in Italy. Every step in the production process - from design to manufacturing - is performed exclusively by Peg Perego.

Technical Specs Stroller
Elegant, with a leather look handle. Reversible Pop-Up seat to face mum or the world. Dedicated foot muff. Chassis offering high off-road performance, suitable for all surfaces. Book-fold. Opens and closes with just one hand.
Type-approval EN1888 European product certification.

Suitable from/to 0-36 months.
Standard features Comes with protective, extendible hood with hidden net panel and loop for toy. Foot muff and rain cover comes as standard. Storage basket.
Chassis features Available in the colours Jet and White-Black. Leather look handlebar, Soft-Ride wheels with tread, practical side control to simultaneously lock the front wheels or make them swivel.
Handles Adjustable single handlebar
Frame fold Book fold, free standing, the fabric does not touch the ground so it stays clean.
NO STRESS fold Can be folded with one hand, no need to bend.
Accessories Stroller Cup Holder, Mosquito Netting, Baby Cushion, Parasol, Vario Foot Muff, Rain Cover, Bag, Book Board, Off-Road Wheels, Book Handle Extensions.

Transport Centralised rear handle for folding and for transporting the pushchair comfortably on two wheels, like a trolley case.
Hood Compact, can be extended thanks to a practical zip, with net panel for increased ventilation on hot days, loop to hang your baby's favourite toy.
Seat Comfortable Reversible Pop-Up seat with 5-point safety harness, with soft pads (height-adjustable).
Backrest/footrest Multi-position backrest (reclines by over 150____deg;). Adjustable leg rest.
Front bar Open-close, removable
Wheels Soft Ride wheels with tread. Wheels with suspensions. The front ones can be locked or swivelling - simultaneous switching with the side control. Large fixed rear wheels with centralised brake. Rear: 26 cm. Front: 18 cm.
Brakes Centralised rear brake.
G-Matic System All the elements included in the modular system can be easily and safely attached onto the chassis: Pop-Up seat, Navetta Elite bassinet and Primo Viaggio SL car seat.
Maintenance Lining can be removed and hand washed.
Material Book S chassis Lacquered aluminium. Wheels with Soft-Drive rubber tread.
Size of unfolded chassis 59 X 106 X 94 cm (width, height, depth).
Size of trolley chassis 59 X 85 X 35 cm (width, height, depth).
Chassis weight 8 Kg.
Seat material Seat: polypropylene Upholstery: polyester
Size of unfolded seat 41 X 51.5 X 40 cm (width, height, depth).
Size of folded seat 41 X 19.5 X 56 cm (width, height, depth).
Seat weight 2.8 Kg.
Size of unfolded pushchair 59 X 106 X 94 cm (width, height, depth).
Size of folded pushchair 59 X 85 X 39 cm (width, height, depth).
Pushchair weight 10.8 Kg.
Technical Specs Carriage
Why choose Navetta Pop-Up The innovative Navetta Pop-Up bassinet folds like a book on the chassis - there is no need to remove it. Elegant and functional, it stands out for its unique details, such as the exclusive integrated leather look handle, patented by Peg Perego, the stylish finishes and the textile inserts. The space-saving pram can be folded with one hand, reducing its size to a minimum. When folded it is free standing. The fabric stays clean because it never touches the ground.
Type-approval EN 1466
Suitable from/to 0-9 months.
Standard features There is a hood with a practical handlebar for transport and a ventilation net (zipped up). The UPF 50+ UV protection sun flap ensures your baby does not get sunburnt.
Transport Single handlebar. Comes with the G-Matic System for attaching the Navetta Pop-Up bassinet to the chassis so it can be used as a pram.
Accessories Completo Breathable Kit, Bassinet stand, Rain Cover, Bag, Cot Kit.
Colour range Luxe Beige, Luxe Grey, Luxe Opal, Luxe Bluenight, Blue Denim, Manri.
Other features Incredibly light, can be opened and folded with one hand. Very compact when folded - excellent space-saving solution.
Hood Comes with a practical handlebar for transport plus a ventilation net.
Inside the bassinet Removable lining.
G-Matic System Allows you to attach the Navetta Pop-Up onto the chassis and use it as a pram in a very easy and safe manner.
Additional information It can become a small cradle when mounted onto the Bassinet Stand (accessory).
Frame material Polypropylene shell/Fabric.
Upholstery Polyester.
Size of unfolded pram 41 X 65 X 84 cm (width, height, depth).
Internal size 33 X 21 X 76.5 cm (width, height, depth).
Size when folded 41 X 22.5 X 84 cm (width, height, depth).
Weight 4.5 Kg
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