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REER NightGuide night light
REER NightGuide night light
REER NightGuide night light
REER NightGuide night light
REER NightGuide night light

REER NightGuide night light

The soft LED night light is not only an ideal companion for your little darling to fall asleep, but also a little helper for you when feeding or changing diapers at night
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Products description

REER NightGuide Nightlight

• offers a safe orientation at night, for breastfeeding, milk preparation and much more
• automatic switch on/off (motion and twilight sensor)
• flexible use as floor lamp, cabinet light or wall light

Maintains the slumbering mood when changing diapers at night

A restful night is very important for the healthy development of your child. Especially in the first year of life, however, sleep is often interrupted because your little one is hungry or has a full nappy at night. In order to be able to care for your child quickly, sufficient lighting is essential. While normal room lighting is usually too bright for tired baby eyes and wakes him or her up completely from sleep, a soft light maintains the nightly slumbering mood and offers orientation at the same time. The soft light of the NightGuide makes it the ideal light source for changing diapers and breastfeeding at night.

Dispenses gentle light for safe orientation at night

As an alternative to bright room lighting, the wrap-around light provides orientation at night. The soft light helps you to find the necessary nappy changing utensils immediately, even at night. But it not only provides enough light for changing diapers, it also allows you to breastfeed your baby or make the bottle without having to switch on the glaring ceiling light. So you can keep the nightly slumber mood for you and your baby and you will quickly find your way back to a restful sleep.

Automatic switching on and off thanks to intelligent sensors

The NightGuide is equipped with a twilight and motion sensor. So you don't have to search for the on-switch, because thanks to these sensors the wrap-around light is activated automatically as soon as it detects movement in a dark environment. If there is no movement, the light switches off automatically after about 30 seconds. The NightGuide can also be switched to continuous light mode if required. Here the light burns continuously until it is switched off manually.

Flexible insert can be used as floor, wall and cabinet light

Thanks to its compact shape, the decorative changing light has enough space on every changing table. The appealing motif on the back also makes the changing light an ideal indirect illumination. Additional recesses on the back of the NightGuide can also be used to attach it quickly and easily to the wall with screws. Thanks to the wireless battery operation, the NightGuide can be used independently of power sources. For example, even dark drawers can be optimally illuminated, which puts an end to the nightly search for a fresh romper suit. In addition, use during a power failure is also guaranteed.

Long-lasting, energy-saving and safe thanks to LED technology

The NightGuide has 8 LED lamps and thus combines all the advantages of a modern LED light source: The wraparound light is energy-saving, has a long service life (up to 10,000 hours) and is particularly safe because it does not get hot even during longer operation.

Product details:
• offers a safe orientation at night
• automatic switch on/off (motion and twilight sensor)
• warm light
• flexible use as floor, cabinet or wall light
• wireless and battery operated (not included)
• energy-saving LED technology (8 LEDs)
• lighting duration: 10.000 h
• dimensions: 7 cm x 7,3 cm
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