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Recaro Easy-Tech alarm system
Recaro Easy-Tech alarm system

Recaro Easy-Tech alarm system

Clip for your child's car seat, which can be connected to your smartphone to remind you not to leave your child alone in the car for too long!
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Easy-Tech is a universal accessory to remind you when you leave the car that your child is still in the car seat. The driver is warned by an acoustic, visual and haptic alarm on his registered smartphone. Because the Easy-Tech is universal, you can use it with all child seats available on the market without compromising safety performance. Once installed in the child seat and connected to the RECARO Kids App, the connection is automatic - just close the accessories.

How it works

Attach the Easy-Tech with the clip on the back to the shoulder pad or 3-point belt and close the accessories to activate it.

When you arrive at your destination, simply open the accessory and it is deactivated.

The Easy-Tech works in conjunction with the RECARO Kids App. Download the app and follow the instructions to connect your smartphone and the accessories. For a maximum level of safety, the RECARO Kids App is equipped with a triple alarm system:

Alarm 0
If the driver moves away from the vehicle in which the Easy-Tech is activated, the system sends a simple distance message to the smartphone. From this moment on, the driver has 3 minutes to carry out activities such as taking food out of the boot or refuelling in complete serenity and without alarm.

The initial alarm
As soon as the driver moves away from the vehicle for more than 3 minutes, an acoustic, visual and haptic alarm is triggered, which can be switched off within 40 seconds.

The dual alarm
If the first alarm is not switched off within the time window, a second alarm is triggered. This automatically sends a message to all pre-set emergency contacts with the GPS coordinates of the car in which the child is located.

The RECARO Kids App contains a package of alarm messages. For each dual alarm, the alarm messages are reduced by the number of emergency contacts entered. These can be purchased subsequently via the RECARO Kids App. If the alarm messages are insufficient, several packages are available and bookable in the "Purchases" section of the App. If the number of alarm messages is not sufficient, the system is deactivated and not functional.
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