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Sleeping wants to be learned

There are some possibilities to support a healthy sleep rhythm. For both: parents and children. The right cot is an important key point. Your baby has to feel safe and secure, also if you are once not in the same room. That needs a stable, yet flexible bassinet, that softly lulls your child to sleep. On you will also find a lot of small bassinets or cradles, that can be placed right next to the parents bed since you can look better after what your baby needs and it gives him or her a comforting feeling. Especially a new born needs as much closeness as possible. And it is even proved to have a positive impact on their health.
From your own personal experience you probably know, that a mattress of quality is important to promote well sleep. But it is sometimes hard to decide which one fits the high claims of a newborn best. If you are uncertain what kind of mattress suits your baby or what the differences are head to our specialist shop, and we will be happy to help you.

Save sleep is restful sleep

As daily life with a child can be exhausting sometimes, the night should be relaxing. Alvi,  Odenwälder, Sterntaler and Zöllner: Those brands are producing the top sleeping bags since years, that midwives recommend and will be found right here in our shop. Those producers know what they’re doing and how your loving doesn’t sweat in summer, but is kept warm in winter. There are several technologies ensuring the right body heat. Besides the traditional types of sleeping bags, we offer you romper bags, swaddle blankets or undersuits. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved or even without sleeves? We got the diversity and you got the choice.

Resting with style

Bedspread, fitted sheet, duvet sets and blankets in different designs and creations. Your precious can doze off in white and grey shades or admire the little Teddys and stars on his cover. You will know what he prefers. Form the kids bedroom as you like best. On this site we serve you a set of motives and designs, that might simplify your decision.
Wouldn’t it be great, if your newborn lays as cool as a cucumber, while looking in a starry sky? Therefore, daddy only has to mount a sky bar, that also serves as a cute accessory. Then you will be able to hang a mobile and your baby has a beautiful view when it’s time to sleep.

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