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Puky 2441 CAT 1 SP tricycle with dumper red and blue
Puky 2441 CAT 1 SP tricycle with dumper red and blue

Puky 2441 CAT 1 SP tricycle with dumper red and blue

Nice tricycle with grip and dumper for funny times under the blue sky!
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The top model of the game tricycle fleet with many additional functions is called PUKY® CAT 1 SP.The play value of the PUKY® CAT 1 SP is unbeaten. Equipped with a shovel, dumper and sieve, the CAT 1 SP leaves plenty of room for the child's imagination to unfold. The push rod can optionally be used as a shovel handle and then also enables larger "earth movements". The scope of delivery also includes a footrest, which always enables a comfortable sitting position during long pushing passages. The handlebar can be locked in one easy step, ensuring precise directional stability while pushing the tricycle. The freewheel function, which can be switched off, can also be operated with one hand grip, depending on whether the vehicle is being pushed or is in play mode.

PUKY® tricycles are not only designed for children, but also for their parents: With a lot of fun children learn to coordinate several simultaneous actions (pedaling, steering and braking) in a playful way and can even move independently over short distances. At the same time, parents have a means of transport at their disposal that is popular with children and that can be used to push their offspring comfortably in the event that their strength should come to its end.

- Automatic freewheel with locking device
- Steering angle limitation
- Safety handlebar grips
- Impact resistant powder coating
- Handlebar locking device
- Safety sliding bar locking device
- AIR-Less comfort tyre
- Infinitely adjustable seat
- Adjustable push bar with comfort handle and shovel blade
- Handbrake
- Handlebar pads
- Tilting trough
- Low centre of gravity: high tilt resistance
- Baggage net and sand screen
- Footrest DF-1

Suitable for:
- Age 2+
- Body size: from 85 to 100 cm
- Leg length: from 32 to 38 cm
- Max. Total load 25kg.

XL dumper with sieve and net
Whether on the playground as a sand transporter, on the small excursion as a doll's bed or when shopping as a luggage storage. The extra-large XL dumper is always practical. It is easy to tilt when playing and can also be completely removed if required - without tools! The sieve insert allows small treasure hunters to examine the "digging material", the net prevents something from getting lost on the way.

Big-size tricycle seat
The high-quality plastic seat, manufactured using a PUKY® specific blow moulding process, is extremely robust, has no sharp edges and guarantees a very low centre of gravity. The seat position is continuously adjustable to the child's age and can be upgraded with our 3-point belt system. The ergonomic shape is particularly important for the tricycle, as it is the largest contact surface between the vehicle and the child.

Ergo sliding bar with large shovel
The Ergo push bar is adjustable in length and allows the child to push comfortably. PUKY®, the inventor of the tricycle with sliding rod, has brought all its experience to this component. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle, a safety lock and an anti-rattle function. At the same time it serves as a handle for the CAT 1 SP's large shovel.

Our tricycles have an easy-to-use freewheel function so that the kids don't have to pedal along when pushing. This makes it child's play to switch between push mode and play mode.

The handlebar can be locked in a straight line position so that the thing doesn't get out of hand when pushing and the little pilots decide where to go (which they almost always do anyway).

Three wheel footrest
Otherwise only optional, the footrest of the CAT 1 SP is already included in the scope of delivery. It pays off especially for long sliding passages. It offers more comfort and prevents the feet from slipping should the offspring get tired.
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