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Puky 5200 R 03 L balloon scooter with air tyres and spokes black

Puky 5200 R 03 L balloon scooter with air tyres and spokes black

Scooter by Puky with high quality air tyres, v-brake and anti-sliding- footboard
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GTIN/EAN: 4015731052002
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Products description

The Scooter R03 L is the optimal learning bike for kids who want to prepare themselves for cycling slowly

The single-trackedness of the PUKY R03 promotes the development of balance as well as the coordination of push off and steering movements. Furthermore, the torso and leg muscles of the child are strengthened. The PUKY R03 L has a large, anti-slip footboard, which guarantees a firm hold during the ride. The ball-bearing mounted steering and the lush pneumatic tyres are unrivalled in terms of driving comfort and rolling characteristics. The kickbrake mounted on the rear wheel allows first experiences with a brake that is operated with the foot. The handlebars of the PUKY R03 L are height-adjustable to allow a long service life for the child. The safety components such as the PUKY safety handlebar grips and the handlebar padding are also located here. A child-friendly bell prepares for the first signals in traffic. In order that the PUKY R03 L can be parked properly, we have equipped it with a practical stand to fold out. Should the scooter fall over nevertheless, the shock-resistant powder coating ensures a lasting beautiful appearance.

The classic PUKY® Scooter makes children perfectly fit for the bike, because it trains the child's sense of balance in a similar way to the wheel, but additionally strengthens the leg and trunk muscles. With scooters that run easily and safely, children not only extend their range of movement, but they also increasingly develop their feeling for speed, steering and braking.

• Handlebar pads
• Bell
• Ball bearing wheels and steering
• Height-adjustable handlebars
• Safety handlebar grips
• Pneumatic wheels (55-225)
• Anti-slip running board
• Kick Brake
• Stand
• Impact resistant powder coating

Suitable for
• Age: 3+
• Body height: from 95 to 110 cm

Safety handlebar grips
Safety and child-friendly characteristics are the core points of all PUKY® vehicles. PUKY® was the first manufacturer to use special safety handlebar grips with large baffle plates. These protect against injuries if the child should fall onto the handlebars. At the same time the safety handlebar grips prevent unintentional lateral slipping. The structure of the handle offers good grip and the small diameter, which is suitable for children's hands, allows the handlebar grips to be completely enclosed.

Handlebar padding
No champion has fallen from heaven yet, but all children have fallen from their first scooter. In order to make sure that in the event of a fall, the fall is as minor as possible, we supply a large handlebar padding directly with the scooter. This minimizes the consequences of a collision with the handlebars. As always with PUKY®, the fabric and handlebar padding are of course TÜV tested, GS-certified, free of harmful substances, UV-resistant and extremely abrasion-proof.

Ball bearing mounted steering and wheels
Due to the long handlebars, steering bearings are exposed to high loads, especially on scooters. We therefore install a robust and durable ball bearing in our scooters. The wheels are also equipped with ball bearings for low rolling resistance and long durability even with higher mileage.

Sports pneumatic tires
Pneumatic tires undisputedly offer the best values in terms of grip and comfort. The voluminous tyres of this air scooter in a dimension of 55x225mm also allow for off-road riding. They provide a lot of safety and absorb shocks better than a foam tyre can. In contrast to foam tyres, however, a little more maintenance is required.

With PUKY® also the small things sometimes become very big. So we also test our bells for child-friendly characteristics and safety. Because you should be able to trust the name PUKY® - in every detail.

Anti-slip footboard and kick foot brake
A safe stand is important, because in scooters the driving forces are almost exclusively transmitted via the foot. The extra anti-slip footboard in the new, cool PUKY® design offers young pilots plenty of space, whether for one or both feet. The large surface of the rear fender made of an aluminium-plastic composite not only ensures clean legs, it is also a kick brake that can be hit safely with very good deceleration.
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