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Disana wool loop scarf
Disana wool loop scarf
Disana wool loop scarf
Disana wool loop scarf

Disana wool loop scarf

Cuddly warm scarf made of Merino wool, the perfect companion for cold winter days
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Our modern Melange Loop scarf made of pure Merino wool is warm and soft. Available in two sizes, it is suitable for both children and adults. Our scarf quickly becomes the best friend for walks and games in winter.

• Material: 100% organic Merino wool

The special properties of wool
Wool keeps you warm because its naturally crimped fibre traps a lot of air. It also balances the temperature and releases excess body heat into the cooler environment. Wool is therefore particularly suitable for textile processing.
Pure wool also absorbs up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. At the same time, thanks to its lanolin content, the fibre protects against external moisture and allows water droplets to roll off the surface. Another main advantage of wool is its high elasticity, which makes it practically crease-free. And since wool is not electrostatically charged, it hardly attracts dirt and odours.

Care of Disana wool products
The chemical structure of wool is very similar to that of human hair. Therefore, as with hair washing, the hair should be cleaned as gently as possible.
Since wool hardly absorbs dirt, the scales repel dirt on the fibre surface. So clothing made of wool has to be washed only rarely, an airing is usually sufficient. However, if wool items have to be washed, natural wool should always be washed by hand at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. In addition, wool is sensitive to alkaline solutions and therefore also to soap. To wash the wool, use a special wool detergent, e.g. disana wool shampoo. Wool should not be soaked, rubbed, wrung or brushed so that it does not become matted. Simply press through lightly with your hand. Drying in the sun, on the heating or even in the tumble dryer is more likely to damage the fibres. Place the woollen article on a dry terry towel and let it dry in a shady, well-ventilated place.
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