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NUK Nature Sense Polypropylene bottle 260ml with silicone bottle nipple size 2 M - colours sorted

NUK Nature Sense Polypropylene bottle 260ml with silicone bottle nipple size 2 M - colours sorted

260ml Polypropylene bottle with silicone bottle nipple - size 2 M
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Products description

• Optimal, calm and natural drinking flow through fine and variable drinking openings, which are modelled after the mother's breast
• Wide, flexible lip support with extra soft soft tip similar to the mother's breast
• Innovative Anti-Colic valve prevents air swallowing
• Bottle made of high-quality polypropylene (PP) is particularly resistant, BPA-free
• For children from 6-18 months, M (medium-fine perforation, for formula), 260 ml content

NUK Nature Sense baby bottle
We cannot replace Mother Nature - but we can take her as an example. We at NUK have therefore made it our mission to get even closer to nature and have developed the new NUK Nature Sense baby bottle in this way. The special feature of this bottle: the fine drinking openings of the bottle nipple have been modelled on the milk ducts of the mother's breast, making it a bottle with which babies can enjoy an all-round familiar drinking feeling and, above all, a natural drinking flow. And this is exactly what we are particularly concerned about, because with a natural feeling during bottle feeding, the change from breastfeeding at the breast to bottle feeding is very easy and a great pleasure for you and your baby.

The NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle Nipple
The teat of the NUK Nature Sense baby bottle is closer to the mother's breast than ever before! This bottle is ideal for mothers who cannot breastfeed, who combine breast and bottle feeding or who would like to get their baby used to drinking from a bottle. The extra wide and flexible lip rest of the teat allows your baby to put on naturally and the innovative Anti-Colic valve allows breast-like drinking without stopping, preventing your baby from swallowing air. The extra soft tip of the nipple adapts to the mouth in a very flexible way, similar to the real nipple. This will certainly make it a lot easier for your child to say goodbye to the breast, and the innovative NUK drinking bottle will also bring you real added value, because now daddy can get up in the night and take charge of feeding your baby, giving you a few hours of valuable sleep.

What else the natural baby bottle has to offer
We are not the only ones who consider the NUK Nature Sense bottle to be the best NUK drinking bottle ever developed. Test results* also show promising results which clearly speak in favour of this baby bottle. For example, 92% of babies accept the bottle's close-to-nature teat, 99% of mothers would recommend this bottle and 98% of the midwives and paediatricians surveyed confirm the softness and a feeling almost like mother's breast.

But what would this perfect teat, which is appreciated and recommended by mothers, midwives and paediatricians, be without the matching bottle? The Nature Sense baby bottle is made of high quality polypropylene, BPA free and particularly resistant. The extra wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning very easy. The protective cap directly and securely closes all fine drinking openings, so that the drinking bottle also proves to be a loyal companion when out and about. The combination of a practical baby bottle and a close-to-nature nipple has been ideally implemented here, because you and your baby should lack for nothing.

*Independent market research in Germany 2016
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