Sterntaler ABS crawling socks fairy/stars

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The ABS socks by Sterntaler are ideal for crawling and running. On the instep of the sock you will find colour-matching, printed ABS-material. The rubber on the instep prevents your sweetheart from slipping backwards while crawling or playing on the floor. The rubber on the sole helps with the first standing and walking attempts and provides a secure step.
In addition to this anti-slip sole, a cute motif can be found on the shaft, which perfectly complements the color design of the socks. The socks are from the 2018/2019 collection by Sterntaler and in many different designs, colors and sizes available.
With this pair of crawling socks your child can whiz through your home in cute rose shades and a lovely fairy on her ankle.

What is ABS?

ABS stands for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. Behind the name hides a plastic, which can come as print, paint or coating. This widespread material, thanks to its special properties, is also used for toys, electrical appliances or in the furniture industry.
ABS is very resistant to oils, greases and high temperature. In addition, the material is robust and strong, which makes its products durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the plastic is also easy to recycle.
With the crawling socks, the ABS on the sole provides a secure step and helps your child especially during the first standing and walking attempts.

Product features

• crawling socks in a double pack
• anti-slip sole
• ABS motif on instep and sole
• picture motif on shaft
• full plush


• size 15/16: about 4-6 months
• size 17/18: about 6-12 months
• size 19/20: about 12-18 months
• size 21/22: about 18-24 months


• weight: about 50 grams
• length: 20,5 cm
• width: 10 cm
• heigth: 4 cm


• 85 % cotton, 12 % polyamide, 3 % elasthane

Care instructions

• wash in normal cycle at 40 degree celsius
• dry with reduced thermal stress


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Sterntaler ABS crawling socks fairy/stars

Sterntaler ABS crawling socks fairy/stars
Sterntaler ABS crawling socks fairy/stars