Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black

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THE addition to all your journeys.
The B-MOTION 4 PLUS is a stroller that concentrates on what you really need: A system that lets you fold the stroller easily with one hand, a multiple adjustable backrest and footrests, additional weather protection and excellent rear wheel suspension for a smooth journey. With all of this, you can relax and enjoy the day lightheartedly - whatever may come.

Many Advantages

More space and comfort: These are the main advantages of the new B-MOTION 4 PLUS. The longer backrest and higher weight capacity for a child up to 20 kgs ensure that your little one has more than enough space - while the adjustable footrests and the sturdy, fail-safe wheels allow for a smooth, comfortable ride. And since you can get the especially big hood with a sun shade seperately in many colorful shades, the B-MOTION 4 Plus is adaptable to your style.

Comfortable - On rough Terrain and in the City

Flexible all around: The B-MOTION 4 PLUS is a stroller that is just as home in the city as it is in rough terrain. Its dual suspension and fail-safe wheels ensure that your child is always travelling smoothly - wherever you are.

As Versatile as your Life

Adjust the B-MOTION 4 PLUS in all the ways you want - for even more comfort. Thanks to its adjustable backrest and the height adjustable footrests, you can attach a carry-cot so that your baby is lying comfortably as well. And thanks to the included CLICK & GO® adapters, you can also use your stroller with a matching stroller attachment or any Britax Römer carry-cot - more flexibility is not possible.

Product Features

Folding System with One-Hand Operation

More than convenient: Because of the one-hand folding mechanism you can hold your child in one arm and fold the stroller with the other. And thanks to the automatic folding lock, you can be sure that it stays closed until you need the stroller again. And since the stroller can stand on its own while it is folded, the seat cover cannot get dirty.

Height-adjustable Handle with Centre Handle Area

It does matter at what height the handle of your stroller is - because its position is crucial for your posture. That is why our handle is easy to adjust. Whether it's mummy's or daddy's size or for grandparents and the babysitter. And thanks to the handle being in the center area, you can also steer the stroller easily and gently: even with one hand.

Sun Shade Set

As unique as you are: Thanks to the different colours for the sun shade set, you can configure the stroller however you want and change the look of your stroller whenever you want.

Flat Lying Position and Adjustable Footrest

Our adjustable backrest and footrest make the ride even more comfortable for your child. Especially because you can set a flat lying position for your newborn or different sitting positions for your older child. No matter whether your little ones sleep deeply or discover the world wide awake in a sitting position, they'll have it nice and comfortable in any way.

Puncture-Proof Rubber Rear Wheels

Anything but that: a flat tire when you're out for a walk with your offspring. Don't worry, our tires are puncture-proof and the rear tires are also made of robust rubber with a foam core that cushions all shocks on bumpy roads.

Dual Suspension

The single wheel suspension for the front and rear wheels automatically adjusts to the weight of your offspring and balances the stroller gently through any terrain. No matter how bumpy it is.

Height Adjustable Belt System

Your child grows a little bit every day? No problem! Our 5-point harness system can be adjusted to different height positions to keep your little one in its seat - up to 20 kgs. The soft shoulder pads provide extra comfort so you don't have to worry.

Clear Basket

Are you planning a longer day trip? Or do you want to do some errands quickly? Alright. Our spacious shopping basket takes care of everything. You can stow everything you need for your trip - from diapers and extra clothes to toys, provisions and groceries.

Swivelling Front Wheels

Quite practical: Our front wheels can be swivelled and locked. So that you can manoeuvre your little one safely through any terrain. Wherever you are on the road: You can easily change to the right setting at any time without having to wake up or disturb your child.

Seat Unit with Grid

So that your child feels comfortable even on hot days, the seat unit has a grid on the back. This ensures better air circulation.

Travel System

Flexible options for maximum freedom

Unexpected things happen more quickly than you might expect, right? But no need to worry: All of our buggies are CLICK & GO® compatible, so you can use them the way you want. With a simple set of additional adapters (included with the B-MOTION family), you can attach any Britax Römer infant carrier or stroller attachment to the buggy. And thanks to the flat lying position for the seat unit, you can even attach a soft carrycot. So whether you're going for a walk or a shopping spree, you're free to go anywhere.

Technical Details

• Dimensions (H x W x D): 110 x 55.5 x 105 cm
• Height of the push handle: 84 - 112 cm
• Backrest length: 50 cm
• Length of footrest: 26 cm
• Seat unit length (folded back): 100 cm
• Seat area (W x D): 29 x 24 cm
• Total weight: 11,5 kg
• Total weight of pram without hood: 10.50 kg
• Maximum weight capacity: 26 kg
• Maximum weight of the child: 20 kg
• Maximum weight in basket: 4 kg
• Maximum weight in rear storage bag: 1 kg
• Maximum weight in stroller organizer: 1 kg
• Front wheels: 17 cm
• Rear wheels: 25,50 cm



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Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black

Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black
Britax Römer B-Motion 4 Plus Cosmos Black