Disana 1311111050 wool diaper pants nature Gr. 50/56

Product no.: 1311111050

Part of the Disana nappy changing system: overpants made of 100% organic Merino virgin wool.

The Disana wool nappy trousers are also made of natural, fine merino wool from controlled organic animal husbandry. The woolen nappy trousers are the waterproof cover around the nappy pack and ensure that nothing leaks. The pants absorb the excess urine, which combines with lanolin - the natural wax of wool fibres - during this process it is neutralised.

Therefore, if you have only woollen nappies that have become damp, it is sufficient to dry them in the fresh air. The trousers are then hygienically clean again - thanks to the natural self-cleaning properties of the wool fibres. If the lanolin in the woollen nappy trousers is used up, or you would like to wash the trousers after all, you must add lanolin again. The easiest way to do this is with the lanolin cure from the Disana range. With it you can easily refill the lanolin reservoir of the wool. So the wool nappy trousers will keep tight again - for many days and weeks.

It is best to use the wool nappy pants together with an absorbent nappy insert like the Disana Molton insert and a nappy like the Disana Stick nappy.

Care instructions

• air-dry trousers that have become damp
• if washing is required: only cold and carefully by hand or without spin cycle in the wool washing cycle in the machine with a mild wool detergent
• do not use chlorine or other aggressive chemicals
• leave to dry lying down
• do not Iron

Material properties

• 100% organic merino new wool

Age recommendation

• Gr. 50/56 / 0-3 months


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Disana 1311111050 wool diaper pants nature Gr. 50/56