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Puky 4096 Learners bike LR XL BR Classic vintage rosé incl. air tyres, brake, bell and basket
Puky 4096 Learners bike LR XL BR Classic vintage rosé incl. air tyres, brake, bell and basket

Puky 4096 Learners bike LR XL BR Classic vintage rosé incl. air tyres, brake, bell and basket

A bike also suitable for older and heavier kids due to its size and adjustability
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Our largest balance bike is the PUKY® LR XL BR - now also in a timeless Vintage design!

Parents tell us again and again that their children like to change to a light and uncomplicated walking bike in addition to the bicycle in order to be mobile in the neighbourhood. Our PUKY® LR XL BR Classic is just the right thing for them and for children who want to learn to ride a bike a little later. Now also available in the coveted vintage design, the LR XL Classic convinces with spoke wheels, voluminous 2.4" retro tyres, a braided handlebar basket made of flexible plastic and a powder coating in classic green with matching decoration set. The safety handlebar grips protect the delicate hands of children and defuse the handlebar ends. The banana saddle, raised at the front, ensures that the momentum gained is also transferred to the vehicle without the child slipping forwards from the saddle. The low step-through makes it possible to get on and off the bike safely. The large footboard allows the rider to put his or her feet down when going downhill, thus ensuring a favourable centre of gravity and a safe ride, even at higher speeds. We deliberately do without a steering angle limiter on our wheels. This means that the handlebars lie flat on the ground in the event of a fall and the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

Balance Bikes
PUKY® balance bikes are an ideal complement to the classic scooter and at the same time the perfect pre-stage to the first bicycle. They stand out due to their low step-in height and particularly child-friendly ergonomics. The special balance bike saddles are ergonomically shaped and perfectly support the child's running movements. The height-adjustable handlebar and saddle allow individual adjustment and thus years of fun with the movement and the vehicle.

Suitable for
• Age: 3+ years
• Body size: from 95 to 130 cm
• Leg length: from 39 to 52 cm

• Special balance bike saddle
• Pneumatic-tired wheels 62-203
• Powerful braking system
• Safety handlebar grips
• Impact resistant coating
• Wheels and steering are ball bearing
• Saddle and handlebar are height adjustable
• Frame with low step and running board
• Handlebar pads
• Side stand
• Note: Delivery without valve caps as these are small parts that can be swallowed according to the toy standard EN71-1.

Special Balance Bike Saddle
The "banana saddle" has been specially developed for our balance bikes to give children a secure grip and support their running movements. Since the push impulse can only be transmitted via the saddle, a completely different form is necessary to give the child safety and good control over the vehicle.

Powerful V-brake on the rear wheel
The V-brake on the rear wheel of the LR XL BR is a good alternative for older and heavier children. Although less experienced pilots will initially put down one or two drifts due to the high braking effect, children of this age will be able to assess the high braking effect faster. However, we only use this type of brake on the rear wheel. There is no danger of a wheel locking leading to a fall in the event of sudden emergency braking.

Low boarding
The low access to our bikes makes it easy to get on and off, which gives beginners a high degree of safety and confidence in the vehicle and their own abilities. This makes learning faster and the fun of movement more enjoyable.

Large running board
The importance of a large footboard can be observed by anyone watching children going downhill. If such a board is not available, the feet are intuitively lifted high from the ground. The centre of gravity moves upwards, the whole vehicle loses stability and swings up. However, if the feet stand low and central in the vehicle, the lane remains stable and insecurities do not occur in the first place.

Air-tyred wheels in 2.4"
When it comes to grip on any surface, pneumatic-tyred wheels are still superior to any other technology today. The comfort and optimum handling are also essential advantages of pneumatic tyres, which can also be adapted to the personal preferences of children by changing the air pressure. If you attach more importance to optimal performance than to low maintenance, then the LR XL BR is the best choice for you! The LR XL BR uses the very large 2.4" pneumatic tyres. This guarantees maximum grip and comfort, especially for older children.

Height-adjustable saddle and handlebars
In order to ensure good ergonomics and the longest possible service life, the handlebars and seat posts on our wheels are infinitely height-adjustable. In this way, the vehicle adapts continuously to the growth in size of the young driver.

Technical data
• Length 91cm
• Height 40-49 cm, 54-63 cm
• Max. Total load 25kg.

ATTENTION: To be used with protective equipment. Do not use in road traffic.


Product no.: 13896
GTIN/EAN: 4015731040962
Weight: 7,50 kg

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