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Disana Melange Jumper
Disana Melange Jumper
Disana Melange Jumper
Disana Melange Jumper
Disana Melange Jumper
Disana Melange Jumper

Disana Melange Jumper

A very special sweater, made of 100% organic merino wool and soft purl stitches.
29,90 €
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Disana Melange Jumper
Größe: 62/68 - (62/68)
Farbe: oliv-anthrazit - (0951)
Lieferzeit: 1-2 Days, DHL Parcel
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Disana Melange Jumper
Größe: 62/68 - (62/68)
Farbe: marine-lagoon - (941)
Lieferzeit: 1-2 Days, DHL Parcel
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Disana Melange Jumper
Größe: 62/68 - (62/68)
Farbe: orange-bordeaux - (973)
Lieferzeit: 1-2 Days, DHL Parcel
29,90 €
Disana Melange Jumper
Größe: 74/80 - (74/80)
Farbe: pacific-lagoon - (981)
Lieferzeit: 4 Weeks
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Products description

The fluffy knitted melange jumper from Disana's Nature World collection is one-of-a-kind in any wardrobe. The fine organic merino wool and the soft purl stitches give the sweater a pleasant, gentle feeling on the skin. If your child wants to run out and start into the day, the pullover is quickly pulled over thanks to its clever envelope neckline.
The design is on the one hand classic and simple by the plain color. In combination with the color-stepped rolled cuffs and the melange look, the pullover also gets a modern trend look.

Nature World Collection

Get out into the forest and into the meadow to play, run, run around, be a kid.
In the color world of "Nature World", Disana has recorded the colors that are particularly suited to play and fun outdoors in nature. Diana children's fashion is made for life with nature and supports the urge to move our children with its child-friendly cuts.

Product features

• purl stitches
• envelope neckline
• neckline and edges stepped in color
• curled edges
• melange colour effect
• available in different colors and sizes


100% organic merino wool

Size guide

size 50/56: about 0-3 months
size 62/68: about 3-6 months
size 74/80: about 6-12 months
size 86/92: about 12-24 months

Characteristics of wool

No other fibre, whether of synthetic or natural origin, combines so many positive features such as wool:
The wool has a so-called natural thermo regularization quality. Wool can take up water in the fibre inside. However, the surface pushes off water. It can take up water up to one third of its dry weight without feeling humid and it derives humidity substantially faster than, e.g., cotton.
As woollen articles (referring to their whole volume) consist of up to 85% of air, they are good warm insulators. The body warmth escapes only a little. Therefore, colloquially one says that wool "warms" well, although wool of itself only reflects the heat radiation of the body.
Wool badly accepts dirt, is sweat-resistant and antistatic. Through its "recovery capacity" wool hardly creases, as the fibre is very elastic. Wool articles are virtually non- iron.
Wool is very colour-resistant and hardly inflammable. It doesn’t burn but carbonizes only. Wool also accepts few smells (e.g., from sweat) in contrast to art fibres, and has a natural self-cleansing function. Taken up smells are secreted to the air and the wool smells neutrally and freshly again after a short time in the fresh air. Wool can chemically bind sweat and urine and therefore neutralize them for a long time.

Care of Disana wool products

Wool is very similar in chemical composition to human hair. Therefore, the cleaning should be done as gently as possible. Wool hardly absorbs dirt, the scales on the fiber surface repel dirt. Thus clothing made of wool must be seldom washed;
If, however, woolen articles are to be washed, natural wool is basically hand wash at max. 30 degrees. Wool is very sensitive to alkalis and therefore also to soap.
For washing the woo, disana recommends their disana wool shampoo. To ensure that it does not melt, wool must not be soaked, rubbed, or brushed. Just push it with your hand. Drying in the sun, on the heater or even in the tumble dryer are taboo.


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