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The colourful world of toys since almost 70 years.

Fehn® is a third generation family business that maintains its values ​​and high standards of safety and innovation. The history of Fehn® is a modern example of German entrepreneurship. Family is the focus of Fehn's activities. That's why they produce high-quality baby toys for young families.

Quality and Safety

Fehn® makes what we love in the world - our children. That's why the quality and safety of their products are at the center of their work.

In order to be able to guarantee this, the company has founded two own production sites in Sri Lanka, which manufacture according to German quality standards. They value their Sri Lankan employees and have them produce on fair terms. All companies of Fehn® in Domestic and foreign countries are subject to a code of ethics that places their employees' respect and fairness as well as top-level health and safety at the workplace as their top priority.

In Sri Lanka and Germany, they have a quality management system that strictly monitors the purchasing of raw materials and toy manufacturing. Only when all test standards have been met from the beginning can the materials be included in the manufacturing process. All Fehn® products have been tested for safety and safety by independent leading test institutes in Germany.

The family business is constantly working to improve and optimize its products. That is why they attach great importance to the expertise of independent institutes such as 'Stiftung Warentest' and 'Ökotest', whose test results are specifically incorporated into their product development. The opinion of you as a customer is also very important to the Fehn® brand and is taken into account in its continuous quality management. You are committed to developing the best for yourself and your baby's safety.


Babies love colors! That's why Fehn® focuses on colorful products that transport the entire color spectrum.
They help newborns to train their eyesight and to stimulate them through strong color shades. In doing so, they deliberately use contrasts, because they are perceived particularly intensively.

The employees at Fehn® attach great importance to modern, innovative design combined with sophisticated functionality. Their products encourage babies in a playful way, inviting them to cuddle and discover.

With music boxes, small mirrors, biter, rustling paper, squeaking and rattling tones you can go on a journey of discovery and your baby can constantly make new experiences. A cuddly bear is never just a cuddly bear, but much more. This way, tactile and auditory senses as well as the motor skills of babies can be excellently promoted.

Fehn® makes toys with a high cuddle factor. Their products are not only super soft, they also fulfill every scientifically proven childish scheme: big heads, round googly eyes, tapsy paws and a soft ball belly - most Fehn® figures are imaginative creatures from the big kingdom of the cuddly animals.


Fehn® creates toys and cuddly toys for every baby and toddler. That's why they've come up with a cool selection of collections that always pick up on a specific theme, style or design, and are therefore perfectly matched.
Ocean Club, Garden Dreams, Swan Lake, Sunshine or Australia? Koala, Dragon, Bee, Lion or Bear? Pink, turquoise, beige or colorful? This is just a selection of the collections Fehn® offers in its product world.
Discover your favorite design or mix them all together: the decision is up to you and your baby.
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