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Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall
Disana boiled wool overall

Disana boiled wool overall

Simply thrown over, your sweetheart is protected from head to toe and you're ready to go!
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Products description

Protected from head to toe and wrapped in soft boiled wool, your darling will be able to pursue every adventure in town, nature or at home. The trapped air chambers in the boiled wool-fabric ensure a unique climate comfort and make Disanas jumpsuit the ideal piece of clothing to throw over when playing in cold and snow. In addition, hood and neck area are provided with an extra lining out of 100% organic cotton to keep the most sensitive areas nice and cozy warm. Furthermore the high lanolin content in Disanas wool makes the overall almost water-repellent.
But it is also the loving details that make this one-piece a very special favorite piece of clothing for your child. The cuffs on the arms and legs can be folded down, the jumpsuit has a child-friendly fit and the new shape of the hood protects the sensitive child's face even more. Thanks to the large, matching stone nut buttons, dressing with little fingers is quick and easy.

Nature World Collection

Get out into the forest and into the meadow to play, run, run around, be a kid.
Diana children's fashion is made for life with nature and supports the urge to move our children with its child-friendly cuts.
In the color world of "Nature World", Disana has recorded the colors that are particularly suited to play and fun outdoors in nature. The brilliant, bright blue harmonizes perfectly with the typical Disana Green. The trend-colour Curry is another addition to this beautiful collection.

Product features

• boiled wool cloth
• high lanoline content
• roll-ups on arms and legs
• newly shaped hood
• large tagua nut buttons
• extended back part
• extra lining in hood and neck area
• onesie


material: 100% organic merino wool
filling: 100% organic cotton

The special properties of wool

Wool keeps you warm because its naturally crimped fiber traps a lot of air. In addition, it is temperature-balancing and releases excess body heat to the cooler environment. Therefore, wool is particularly suitable in textile processing.
Pure virgin wool also absorbs up to one third of its own weight of vaporous moisture without feeling wet. At the same time, the fiber protects against external moisture thanks to its lanolin content and allows water droplets to bead off the surface. Another main advantage of wool is its high elasticity, which makes it virtually wrinkle free. And since wool does not charge electrostatically, it hardly attracts dirt and odors.

Care of Disana wool products

Wool is very similar in its chemical composition to human hair. Therefore, you should care for your wool clothing as gentle as caring for your hair.
Since wool absorbs hardly any dirt, the scales repel dirt on the fiber surface. For example, clothes made of wool seldom need to be washed, and airing is usually perfect. If woolen goods have to be washed, natural wool should always be handwashed at max. 30 degrees to be cleaned. In addition, wool is sensitive to alkalis and therefore to soap. For washing the wool a special wool detergent e.g. the disana wool shampoo can be used.
To avoid being felted, wool should not be soaked, rubbed or brushed. Simply press with your hand lightly. Drying in the sun, on the heater or even in the tumble dryer damage the fibers. It is best to lay the woolen article on a dry terry towel and let it dry in a shady, well ventilated place.


Product no.: 12037-#V1#-#V2#
Weight: 1,20 kg
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